1. Rods of the Valley

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    OK, Some of you know that I bought this Trabi that was on eBay last year. I have it running GREAT and it goes down the road just fine... Well. it is a Trabant for sure----
    Here is a link to a video I did:
    So now what? I sold my P50 combi to a guy that donated it. But I wanted it to look good, so did 3 grand worth of work on it including paint, brakes, tires and more.. It COST ME 3 grand to sell the car-- But I THOUGHT I would get some recognition or thanks from the folks that ended up with it--- Nope-Nada
    OK-- on to this 601. Yes, it could use paint---- or not???? But it is in great shape.. I think we value our Trabis to dang low--- Isettas are bringing 20 grand! --- Heck, I think my Trabi should bring 5 grand. or what?
  2. TheHun

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    Which one you donated of the 2? As to value, BMW is BMW let's not kid ourselves. There are plenty of US classics from the 80s that are worth 3k in good condition, so if you get somewhere in between its probably correct. Which brings up a good point on pricepoints- What do you think is the value range for say a late model 601s, an early 6V one and heck even a P50 assuming all have been restored to near showroom condition....assuming the car is in the US.

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Rod, good to hear from you. I didn't realize you bought the "Art Trabi". looks fun.
    I have been injoying the P50 sedan, I am not sure if you saw the updated pictures, but the restoration turned out great. The bad news is that on Father's day I had it fully loaded with my family of 6 and wanted to see what it could do on the highway. It did great until about a mile from home when I experienced full loss of power.

    I am thinking blown head gasket, but haven't had time to tear into it (my current project is building my house, which I do nights and weekends after my real job). I hope to get it running again this summer.
  4. tricken

    tricken Loyal Comrade

    glad to see the art car live on, i have wanted a kombi shell to do a modern build on for years and saw the price but did not have room
  5. tricken

    tricken Loyal Comrade

    your car was in barn hunters eps 2. very cool

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