1. Nigel

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    Kind of a feeler post more than anything :)

    I have a 1984 Green Trabant, which I could sell you for $1500 (with minor bumper damage.. hehe).

    but really I want to offer my services to find a Trabant or other Eastern bloc car for you. I'm living in the heart of Trabant… Wartburg… land - Poland! These cars are dirt cheap here and plentiful.

    I would like to help you find a nice Trabant… Wartburg… Warsawa or whatever, and help drop it off for you at the shipper's yard - destination North America or wherever.

    As a lifelong car enthusiast I can offer you an 'expert' opinion of potential purchases, chat with you on the phone, even send you skype video stream of your new (or potential) car, and many photos of course.

    Private message me if you want to discuss more and we can get you that Trabbi in the mail!
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  2. leafoff

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    Pm sent

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