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  2. JAK

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    I also have the factory hub removal tool.
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  3. JAK

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    Took gas tank out today and will go to a motorcycle shop and see if I can have the threads where the stopcock screws in removed and new threads welded in so I can attach a different shutoff for the fuel. The original just leaks and leaks and leaks even after a rebuild. Later when the weather cools off, I'll be grinding off some of the rust areas. Slow progress, but progress.
  4. trondd

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    :( Was it leaking from where the valve turns? It's a balance between tightening the screws enough to stop the leaks and loose enough to still be able to turn the knob.
  5. JAK

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    Yes. I can't find the happy middle where I can turn the valve on without leaks and where it won't leak because the valve won't turn.
  6. TheHun

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    in terms of rust the most important area is the perpendicular to the rockers "beam" that the motor/front suspension subframe attaches to - if that is not in good shape you should not drive it.

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