1. JAK

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    The time has come to send my Trabbi to a new home. It is a 1985 601 Kombi that I purchased in Bulgaria and had imported to the U.S.A. It is registered and runs. There is a good bit of rust on it and I will be working on that. Currently, I'm asking $3500 for the car. As I finish repairs, the price will rise. If anyone is looking for a project for the coming winter, now is your chance to jump on it. Yes, it needs work, but it is already in the country and ready to go.

    Not pictured are the door panels, metal trim for roof and fenders, underdash shelf, spare wheel, NOS brake shoes and wheel cylinders (front and rear) and a few other new parts. As long as I own the car, I will continue to work on it. First up is cutting out all the rust and preventing more from developing. I'm on the Mississippi gulf coast about an hour east of New Orleans.

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  2. JAK

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    I also have the factory hub removal tool.
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  3. JAK

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    Took gas tank out today and will go to a motorcycle shop and see if I can have the threads where the stopcock screws in removed and new threads welded in so I can attach a different shutoff for the fuel. The original just leaks and leaks and leaks even after a rebuild. Later when the weather cools off, I'll be grinding off some of the rust areas. Slow progress, but progress.
  4. trondd

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    :( Was it leaking from where the valve turns? It's a balance between tightening the screws enough to stop the leaks and loose enough to still be able to turn the knob.
  5. JAK

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    Yes. I can't find the happy middle where I can turn the valve on without leaks and where it won't leak because the valve won't turn.
  6. TheHun

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    in terms of rust the most important area is the perpendicular to the rockers "beam" that the motor/front suspension subframe attaches to - if that is not in good shape you should not drive it.

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