1. jfreakofkorn

    jfreakofkorn Loyal Comrade

  2. Aaron

    Aaron Leader

    Looks like a clean car...
  3. VADOC

    VADOC Premium Member Forum Donor

    Arrived today, yeehaa!!
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  4. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Very Nice!! Congrats!! Let's see some pics!
  5. Aaron

    Aaron Leader

  6. VADOC

    VADOC Premium Member Forum Donor

    DSC00357_800.jpg DSC00358_800.jpg DSC00359_800.jpg DSC00360_800.jpg DSC00361_800.jpg DSC00362_800.jpg DSC00363_800.jpg DSC00364_800.jpg DSC00365_800.jpg DSC00366_800.jpg DSC00367_800.jpg DSC00368_800.jpg DSC00369_800.jpg DSC00370_800.jpg DSC00371_800.jpg DSC00372_800.jpg DSC00373_800.jpg DSC00374_800.jpg DSC00375_800.jpg DSC00376_800.jpg DSC00377_800.jpg
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  7. Phil Tracy

    Phil Tracy Puttering Along

    Really like that color :) Nice ride!
  8. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Since it is no longer for sale since you, @VADOC, just bought it, I am going to move this thread out of the 'For Sale' section and into the Trabant discussion section :)

    JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    Have you tried the heater?
  10. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    Having a petrol fired heater inches from a fuel tank seems a VERY bad idea. Nice car though
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  11. TrabiCRAZY

    TrabiCRAZY Puttering Along

    I remember riding with you at The Spy Museum back in 2017, thank you so much for that amazing opportunity. I loved it! I since bought my own, 79 601S sedan!
  12. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    Yeah fire that thing up!

    I actually have one of those systems. For what reason I don't know.

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