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    This is a clever interactive someone came up with... http://trabicustomizer.com/
    Note in there that the last 444 Trabants are identified as 1994 Trabants. I think that means it is when they were finally sold and registered, not when they were made. I can't remember who bought them all. Who remembers? A Slovakian article claimed that there was still production of Trabants after 1991 and the 444 1994 Trabants was proof. I was in the End Montage Plant of Sachsenring in early 1992 and I assure you that no Trabants were being made then. There were plenty of them, undelivered, out back though. Have fun, Eric
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    That's a really cool site. Loads of fun!
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    The 444 Trabants had been exported to Turkey. The import company became insolvent and the cars got nearly forgotten in the custom harbour of Mersin. In 1994, the Sachsenring company has picked them up and brought them back to Germany. After "refurbishing" the cars, they were sold for 20'000 DM. It was possible to register the cars until 1996 even though they did not meet the road traffic licensing regulations anymore.

    Lot of people say that there were some more or less than the 444. This number seems to be a marketing gag.
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    The 444-serie will rot faster than you can imagine as they were stored in the near of salt sea for a long time and without any protection. The worst of all Trabants ever produced..
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    This clears up some of the recent discussion in the yahoo group about a 444 for sale. See below for the emails...
    I agree. It jogged my memory also. If something special in a 1.1 I wouldn't mind, but they are certainly not typical DDR cars, a sign of the times perhaps and still very interesting in German automotive history. I found a Sondermodel, supposed to have only 500 made that might be mine someday if the price is right. I have some nice pics of it, drove it back in 1997 for a friends wedding, drove them from the Standesamt to the next place in it. I will do some research first to see if the Sondermodel status stimmt. have fun, Eric
    PS. I have uploaded some pics in the forum. Will more in the next days if anyone wants to see some.
    I actually remember the allkauf grocery chain advertising the cars in their ads. Thanks, Eric, for bringing this back to my memory. They are 1.1, so to me, no "real" Trabis

    1994 Nach dem Konkurs eines türkischen Importeurs kehren 444 Trabant 1.1 Universal zurück nach Deutschland und sollten für 19.444 DM verkauft werden. Da die Nachfrage sehr gering war, wurden 351 Fahrzeuge 1996 an die Supermarktkette "allkauf" weitergegeben. Die ostdeutschen Fillialen verkauften diese dann für 9.999 DM. Zu erkennen ist der Trabant 1.1 "444" an den Messing-Schriftzügen.

    Hi Sebastian, I knew there was something with turkey. I hadćt read the sellers info. I now remember what happened. As you see above, an importer from Turkey returned 444 Trabants in 1994, these 444 have that 444 on the logo. In a way they are the last Trabants offered as new, thus the late Erstzulassung dates in the later 90s. It was in the news back in 94.
    Have fun,

    Hi Eric,
    He is stating that there were 444 Trabant 1.1 built in Turkey in 1997, and this is one of them.

    regarding a 444 for sale with 8 pics.
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