1. TNTrabi

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    I am on it. I need a total count for the number of rooms needed and for what nights just in case the shit hits the fan. I just spoke with Ken, the hotel manager and am working on this right now. he is going to call me back with a solution and I will keep you all updated as soon as I know more.
  2. turbofiat124

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    James Seabolt : 2 rooms (four adults + 1 child), Friday and Saturday nights.
  3. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I need Friday Night, Checking out Monday - 2 adults
  4. TNTrabi

    TNTrabi Lord Trabi Forum Donor

    We have fixed the problem! For those that did not know, the former hotel bumped our parking because they had 9 buses which were supposed to arrive. Jonathan got in touch with the Hilton Garden Inn Plaza, 1333 N. Courthouse Road, Arlington, VA 22201 and they can accomodate us! It is a mere 4 miles away from the Spy Museum, so it is very conveninent!

    To book your room, call them at (703) 528-4444 and ask for Brian Weigand. Make sure to tell them that you are with the Trabant Group. Brian has assured us that they will meet the $89 per night we had with the other hotel, but you have to tell them you are with the Trabant Group. Also, there is plenty of parking available. They have their parking lot, plus they have worked out a deal with the local school two short blocks away for overnight parking of buses, trailers, etc. so there is PLENTY of parking for big (and small) vehicles. They have shuttles running between the school and the hotel for convenience. Jonathan asked about security of the parking lot and was told that it is located across the street from the courthouse in town, so it is very safe.

    Here is a link to their website in case you are curious as to what it looks like: http://hiltongardeninn3.hilton.com/...arlington-courthouse-plaza-DCAARGI/index.html

    One last thing, Jonathan said that Brian was very nice and very helpful, so hopefully this will not be painful at all. We have already booked our room. Cannot wait to see everyone there!

    Deanna and Jonathan
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  5. turbofiat124

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    Thanks Deanna and Jonathan! I got my hotel switched so it looks like we will be making it after all.
  6. Aaron

    Aaron Leader

    Glad you guys got it worked out! Please take lots of pictures and update this thread!
  7. Wartburg353W

    Wartburg353W Loyal Comrade

    I'm sure if somebody contacted him, Mike Annen could figure this out for all of you. He's the man who runs the parade for the museum and he can be very resourceful.
  8. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Jeff, the issue was that a lot of people were not wanting to stay at the Red Roof Inn that Mike usually chooses. I've never been so I don't really care, but the hotel we did get is about the same price as the Red Roof, only 4 miles from the event and has ample room for parking.

    Mike is also a forum member so he's welcome to chime in anytime he wants.
  9. VADOC

    VADOC Premium Member Forum Donor

    This is reassuring, the only way I could bring the trabant is on my trailer.
    My work schedule for the next few days is horrendous, so hopefully I'll be able to call tomorrow ( wed ) and change the reservation. I will only be able to stay Friday night.
    James, if the starter doesn't work that is what heated back windows are for!!
  10. turbofiat124

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    Got a quick question. My co-worker reasured me this wouldn't happen. First of all my reservations were all screwed up. Long story on that but I was able to cancel the reservations at the Crystal City Hilton. Had to go through Hotel.com to do it.

    I'm booked at the other Hilton but for some reason they got me down as leaving Monday morning instead of Sunday morning. As long as I tell them I'm checking out Sunday instead of Monday when I check in on Friday, will they try to charge me half a day for Sunday night?

    The reaon was a couple of years ago I had to abruptly check out of a Hotel in Nashville on a Saturday instead of Sunday and they charged me for half a day which I thought was uncool considering there was people coming in there begging for rooms. So I'm sure they had no problem renting out my Sunday room but charged me half anyway. I guess because I did not cancel within 48 hours perhaps? Does that make sense?

    I tried to change my bookings on-line through Hilton but they want me to sign up for Hilton Rewards before I can do it. I don't want to do that because I'm afraid they are going to sneek in a $10 a month fee and charge my credit card then I'll have to go round and round getting that fee stopped. Sorry but I don't trust these so called "clubs" and such. Plus I don't stay at enough hotels much less a Hilton for that matter.

    I never could get in touch with Wade motors about my trailer so I stopped by after work and left him a note telling him I was still going to pick up the trailer and noticed a car hauler in his lot so the trailer should be good to go.
  11. VADOC

    VADOC Premium Member Forum Donor

    Talked to Brian, canceled crystal city reservation,
    Brian advised that if we did bring truck and trailer we could not use school parking lot until after 3 pm Friday!!!! supposed to be a short walk to hotel.
    will be seeing y'all ( I'm from WV, I can say y'all) on Friday night!!
  12. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator



    Hi All,

    Most everything Saturday is ongoing between 10 and 4, but here are a few special times to know about:

    10:30 First Trabant Ride Raffle-continues every half hour

    12 noon Trabant Stuffing Contest –please join in. We want to break our record of 16 stuffees

    1 Wall Crash

    3 Trabant Awards Announced

    Please let me know if you have any questions!



    FROM @Mike Annen:

    We plan to meet at the Red Roof Inn in Timonium MD early and leave as a group around 7am Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014arriving at 10am at the museum. The museum has agreed to a wall crash (around noon?) and a stuff a Trabi. We'll use a combi with no back seat this year in an effort to beat our previous record of 16 people in a Trabant. There will be ride raffles every half hour from 10-4pm, people choice voting all day and trophy presentation at 3pm. The museum is also feeding us and paying us for bringing our Trabis as usual. I look forward to seeing you.

    *******For those of us staying at the Hilton, I reckon we should leave around 8:30-9:00am from the hotel since we are only 4 miles away.*******
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  13. turbofiat124

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    Gosh! I hope it doesn't take an hour to drive 4 miles through DC traffic! Maybe it won't be so bad being a Saturday morning.
  14. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I didn't think it would, but that gives us time in case someone has issues and also allows adequate time to get everything set up.
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  15. VADOC

    VADOC Premium Member Forum Donor

    due to my rotund physique I doubt I would make a good stuffee.
    Probably the group leaving from the Hilton would be about 9?? That would give us plenty of time and we'll start when we get there.
  16. frogbros

    frogbros Von Trabi Forum Donor

    ok. thank you to Deanna and Jonathan for setting us back on track. i contacted Brian Weigand and was able to change my reservation to the Hilton Garden Inn. the address already set in my Waze app. i plan to leave NYC just after 10am Friday. see you all soon. i hope this little parking setback did discourage the turnout.....especially since the great voters of DC set forth and passed their proposal....lol see you at 4:20....hahahaha

    extremely looking forward to meeting you all
  17. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    Anyone know if there is any available parking near the museum (I mean for non Trabants)? Is there a nearby parking lot?
  18. VADOC

    VADOC Premium Member Forum Donor

    Hi James
    One option you might consider is the Metro
    I haven't checked a subway map but a few years ago I did take the subway from a stop downtown to Crystal city.
    saves parking hassle, but may not be 2 year old friendly
  19. VADOC

    VADOC Premium Member Forum Donor

  20. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    Guys, I'm sorry to say but I cannot make it this year due to health reasons. The short of it, I've been having these dizzy spells for the past week that hit me all of a sudden that last for several hours. Right now I have a massive headache and I'm unstable on my feet.

    I thought it was related to a possible food poisoning incident that happened a week ago but think it's some kind of inner ear thing going on (allergy related). So instead of making the trip tomorrow, looks like I'll be going to the doctor. I stopped by medical where I work to be checked for an ear infection (which I had once this year), but the nurse said I didn't and said I had an allergy instead. So why do my ears feel like they are always full of water then?

    I was afraid to make the 400 mile journey only to have it hit me while I was up there or on the way up there. So I decided not to attempt it this year.

    I'm really bummed out because I was really looking forward to meeting you guys even more than the show itself. Hopefully I'll get thing figured out and will attempt it again next year.
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