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    Better late than never to the party, but here's a couple of my photos I got at the parade. It was a great parade (my first to be exact) many thanks to Roger, Kevin, and all the others who provided me with information on their beautiful Trabant's. It was a great experience being able to be there and meet all of you who gave me the motivation to save even more for my own, and hopefully one year I will be joining you all in a Trabi of my own. Thanks once again y'all for making it such a great day and for the facts I never knew about these little cars.
    Ryan (the redheaded kid)

    Kevin's beautiful 1985 Trabant 601S that I was fortunate enough to ride along in.
    The museums own 1971 Trabant 601S
    The two 601S DeLuxe's side by side with the 600 trying to peak her way in in the background.
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