1. Bill Overbaugh

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    The Watkins Glen Vintage Grand Prix is an amazing event with vintage race cars running the track, drivers on tours in the area, wine tastings, road rallye, and a concours car show.

    This year's Concorse Speciale celebrates the oddball and "not perfect" of the automotive world.

    I'd like to put together a group of Trabants. Dad and I will enter our Trabants. I'm putting my Barkas in as well as my AMC Pacer.

    If you're interested in joining us, you need to register soon as the spaces are limited, and usually get filled up by May.

    Further info: http://www.grandprixfestival.com/Speciale.html
    Registration forms: http://www.grandprixfestival.com/documents/all_events_form.pdf

    As with last time, we'll help arrange and/or provide lodging and a good time! Maybe some more super spicy Gulyas.

    ~ Bill

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