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    This topic doesn't really fit in any of the categories.

    I was going to order a new breaker plate and float from a guy in Germany but he wanted 40 Euros to have it shipped over here. yet another guy wanted just $13 to ship a set of NOS 6 volt coils.
    Why the difference?

    The guy with the coils offered international shipping. However the $13 shipping cost may have just been in Germany. I'm not sure if Ebay corrects the shipping price based on where the interested buyer is located or whatever the seller enters. If that makes sense.

    So I ended up ordering some other items from Danzer. Initial shipping for a breaker plate and 28 HB2 float from them was 40 Euros! So I keep adding stuff to the cart I would need eventually like door weatherstripping and window channel felt which did not effect the price.

    Seems anything below a certain kg is a flat $55/40 Euro rate. Anyone know what that might be? When the price increases?

    If I recall my last order from Danzer came FedEx in 6 days. Or maybe they use FedEx if they ship to the USA and DHL if within Germany. Since DHL is slower than whiz (2 to 3 weeks).
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    Have a look at the DHL prices for normal packages, the prices depend on the weight and U.S. is "zone 3": http://www.dhl.de/en/paket/pakete-versenden/weltweit-versenden/paket.html

    A breaker plate and a 28 HB2 float should be sendable in a little parcel (up to 2 kg) for just 14.90/15.90. http://www.dhl.de/en/paket/pakete-versenden/weltweit-versenden/paeckchen.html

    As I don't live in Germany, ordering parts is sometimes quite tricky and lot depends on the vendor.

    There are some facts that not everybody notices:
    - Non-EU citizens don't have to pay VAT. This is no problem with most of the official dealers (except for LDM).
    - Very little and light parts can be sent in a "Grossbrief" or "Maxibrief" and there is no height limitation (within Germany, it's limited to 2 cm - that's why not all people know that). These "letters" costs just 3.45 (up to 500g) or 7.00 (up to 1 kg). But be careful: there is no insurance unless you pay extra for it. Not every vendor does it, because lot of vendors prepare packages and they are picked up by DHL, UPS or whatever.
    - For example in Switzerland, you have to pay custom taxes on receiving goods. For example, if the declared value exceeds about 50 EUR, you have to pay custom taxes starting from about 14 EUR.

    Most private vendors at ebay want to keep on the safe side. They like more getting 40 € and paying 14 for shipping than getting 14 and paying 40 ;) - I think everybody of us would do it like that.

    For heavier or expensive parts, I get them sent to a friend in Germany and drive there for picking it up. It's about 50-100 km one way. Naturally, it's much more from America :confused:
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    Here in the United States, sales tax (not exactly the same as VAT) is collected the by states, not the federal government. Most of the money the federal government collects is from income from citizens and businesses.

    The state tacks on their shair and then the county and then the city can actually tack on additional taxes. Tennessee has one of the highest sales taxes in the country (10%). Some states like Virginia it's 4%. Some states do not even collect sales taxes. But Tennessee has no state income tax where Virginia does.

    For me if I need to make a large purchase (like a $2000 lawnmower) and save on tax, it's cheaper for me to drive 10 KM across the state line to Virginia and buy it.

    I can order something from another state and as long as it is shipped to me I don't have to pay any tax. Because it's hard to collect on taxes across state lines. Actually Tennessee mandates that sellers in other states collect taxes on purchases sent to buyers in Tennessee but they can't inforce it! HA HA!! However if you buy from a business and if they have a warehouse in Tennessee, you have to pay the 10% sales tax. Even if the item is shipped from another state.

    Rarely have I ever paid sales tax if I buy something off Ebay. Even if the item came from a personal seller within Tennessee.

    If I recall the shipping on those jet kits I ordered from a guy in Germany was not that expensive. About 10 to 15 Euros. And it was in a packet.

    If I buy stuff from the United Kingdom I don't recall ever having to pay tax or import duty on it. But If something comes from Canada I usually have to pay an import duty.

    However there are ways around it. I found a gas tank for my Tomos bike from a seller in Canada. I asked if he would ship it to me as a gift and for some reason shipping wasn't anymore expensive than if I had purchased it from a buyer in the United States. Where other times I was charged an inport duty fee from sellers in Canada. That's why if I buy something from Canada, I always ask, "Are you going to tack on an import duty on this item?".

    I did not know Switzerland was not part of the EU. But Switzerland uses the Euro? Where the United Kingdom is in the EU but they still use Pound Sterling? HUH! What?!?

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    We have still our good old Swiss Francs ;-) It's not bad because it's a quite stable currency.

    I have somewhere in my desk a 20 cent coin from 1884! And the design is the same as today. Only bank notes change from time to time.

    Because we have a lot of tourists from abroad, paying in EUR is normally no problem. But the exchange rates are sometimes not very good - you pay more than if you would change your money on your own and pay with CHF.

    Some years ago, we paid 1.65 CHF for 1 EUR. Nowadays, it's about 1.25. For us citizens this is good if you go shopping in Germany or go for holidays. But if you work in a company who earns a lot of money in exporting goods, you have unbelievable price pressure. The company I work for exports about 80% and our main competitor is located in the U.S. Because the USD has become incredible worthless (I remember an exchange rate of about 1.80 CHF = 1 USD about 10 years ago, nowadays it's about 0.90 CHF...), the competitor's prices are very hard to beat. And they didn't have to do any effort to get cheaper.

    That's one reason why our incomes don't really grow currently. And some prices are falling (cars, electronics and so on) but houses, flats and health costs are getting higher and higher...
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    Switzerland was a good "currency dumping ground" for my Italian Lira and French Francs at petrol stations because they took both currencies! Although they may have charged me an extra rate. I can't remember but seems like you told them before hand which currency you wanted to pay with and they rang it up on the cash register. I don't ever recall actually getting any CHF out of an ATM.

    By the way, goto my Photobucket page and click on "1997 Europe trip".

    My wife got me this little scanner for Christmas where I could run my photos through and it would save them automatically to an SD card and I finally got all 300+ scanned. I was adding captions when Photobucket stopped working. It does that from time to time here at work. I'm not sure why. Something to do with filters. See the attached Snipit.

    So I'm not sure what page Switzerland starts at if you want to bypass England and France..

    I still have not figured out how my company can make our material cheaper than the Chineese can and then we sell it to them!!

    We have about 25 MAAG positive displacement pumps where I work. I thought one of the mechanics said MAAG went out of business and they could not get parts for them but their website shows them to be still in business. I think MAAG may have just discontinued these pumps which were installed in the early 90s when this plant was built.

    Instead of altering the piping and replacing them, they have replacement parts machined here in the United States. The bearings are off the shelf FAG or SKF. A lot of times the pumps will get out of time (like a Trabant crankshaft:rolleyes:) and the lobes will start knocking. Most of the time it's the seals that blow. But the three I have in my area seldom give me any trouble. They just leak and develop a scab. They said never hit them with cold water or they will start leaking!

    I'm not sure why they have not replaced all of these pumps from another company or one of MAAG's newer pumps. Either they work well, or it was cheaper than alterting the piping because we have so many of them or what. Or just cheaper to have replacement parts machined in the US than buying new ones.

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