1. Keri

    Keri Leader

    Today marks yet another milestone…..

    Comrade Trabi and I just passed 50,000 kilometers together!

    This, of course is since 1 May, 2012, when I rescued Comrade Trabi from the crusty confines of that body shop, which still holds Comrade Trabi's stablemate hostage.

    After almost 27 months of year-round driving, Comrade Trabi is starting to show signs of use.
    Just last week, at 49,500km was our first decarbonizing service since overhaul. Next, the carburetor is going to need a little work, as will the clutch, which has a worn release fork and graphite ring.
    As always, the upholstery screams "Bourgeois Scum! Stop mercilessly exploiting my Human so she can buy me some seat covers!"

    Just last week, we finally found the 4th person in Chicago that hates Trabants! That's probably all there is… Trabi Haters are literally 1 in a million. I'll bet your BMW (Big Money Wasted) isn't running after 45+ years in one form or another.

    So let's see… 50,000km = 31,000 miles
    In 27 months, that's 1,851 km per month or 1,148 miles / month.

    About 3,500L / 920 gallons or 160 tanks of fuel were consumed, at about 22L / 5.9 gallons per filling.
    The usual calculated fuel economy in warm weather is about 6.5L/100km / 36mpg , with mostly high speed, 110km/h driving. Mileage drops in very cold weather.
    This required about 75 quart bottles of mostly Lucas Air-Cooled Semi-Synthetic 2-cycle oil

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