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    looks like it was registered as an older car to avoid some of the complications of registering newer ones,in england this is called ringing a car
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    Don't think there are any 2 stroke rwd Trabbis though, and don't they get inspected by the authorities in the USA when they get registered? If I was inspecting I would question the 10/89 straight off.
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    I get the impression that they aren't that bothered in checking things to closely but maybe someone in the us can enlighten us but I'm with you I always check the vin number on the vehical matches the v5 I've come across a few dodgy ones including a bike with no vin number and soft fresh paint where it should be,needless to say I walked away pretty fast,well fast to my van then drove away quickly
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    This little car has been around the block. Unsuccessfully offered for sale over the past few years. I think it might be part of the collection of Trabants bought from an English guy whose neighbors sued him because his collection became a nuisance. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/1474605/Collector-with-49-Trabants-told-to-sell-cars.html

    Many of them got sent in containers to the US.

    (UK members, isn't this some sort of scrap vehicle number plates on the car now?)

    It is on the trabantusa page (http://trabantusa.yolasite.com/member-92.php), and has been offered on ebay several times, usually for about 5 k.

    Also here: http://www.dailyturismo.com/2016/04/small-bloc-1974-trabant-601s.html

    I've seen worse for sale, and asking for more. If it's mechanically and body-wise OK, why not?
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    Q plates are issued in the UK to kit cars and bikes and especially trikes made from bikes. Or any other imported motor vehicle where the age can not be determined. And re the newspaper article, I know this guy Graham Goodall from way back. He had a repair garage in Youlgrave, Derbyshire in the 1980s, in fact I worked in his garage for a short while. He did indeed have many Trabants at his nearby home, and still has some there to this day. I have been to visit him once recently but he was not at home, but I must try again soon. He was a little eccentric and smoked a Sherlock Holmes pipe and wore a deerstalker hat whilst driving a Trabant. I swore then I would never be seen dead in a Trabant and look at me now!
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    Texas is known to be an easy place to get documents for autos. 1974 used to be the cutoff date for lots of emissions regulations on cars. I applaud this seller for being upfront about this issue, so the buyer can decide if this will pose any problem in his or her own state.
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  9. Steve

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    Seems like you guys in the US have to resort to nefarious means to circumvent the rules. Hope you don't get caught out.
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    I remember when it was for sale the first time for $5,500. Now $6,900. I bet anything the next time it is listed it will surpass $7k easily.
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    Having a different year of manufacture date from the year on the registration is very common. Of the three 601s I owned while in the Czech Republic, 2 were this way and I saw many more with the same issue. When the Trabants were abandoned in Prague in 1989 (fascinating story if you are not familiar with it), people just grabbed them and swapped out their existing Trabi paperwork for the previously abandoned car. The Czech version of the DOT allowed this is a motor and chassis swap. Should you have the original paperwork, this will be noted in the booklet. This resulted in newer Trabis being registered as much older. I would guess similar situations occurred all over Eastern Europe as communism fell.

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