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    OK, I know smoking is a bad habit and my wife tells me I need to quit at least once a week but besides that. I guess I could drink alcohol (chemically considered a poison by the way) or be overweight.

    I have a 12V cigarette lighter running off my converter box but there doesn't seem to be enough amps to really make it work (takes a long time to heat up). I initially tried running it off 6 volts but didn't have enough voltage in that case.


    So I was looking on Ebay for a 6V cigarette lighter and mostly what I came up for was for old VWs with white knobs that would look out of place. Then I came across some for Porshes which use a Hella plug. Of course if it's for a Porsche or Mercedes, your going to pay out the nose for it. Like $200 just because what it fits. Like those old Becker radios that probably sound as bad as my Fujitsu radio from a 79 Toyota I used to have in my Trabant.

    So Anyway, there is a guy on Ebay.de who goes by the name Old Tobi. He's the one who sold me my hub puller and he tends to have some neat stuff up for sale every now and then. Like that erotic Trabant shiftier knob I had my eye on but couldn't justify paying $110 for.

    So he has this DDR Hella style cigarette lighter. Much cheaper than the ones of Porsche.

    Anybody ever seen one of these or have one that might be wanting to sell? I'm kind of curious about it's design. It appears the base mounts in the dashboard and the connector goes to power and it doesn't pop out but you just insert it into the holder and it get's hot?



  2. barrie

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    that is a trabant 6v lighter i have 1 on my 1960 p50 you push it in but un like 12v it heats up on the out side so tuch you fag on to it when it glows still on the dash

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