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    ***(Keep in mind I just post the stories, I don't necessarily agree with them)***

    @Luke, We have more US members on here than TrabantUSA....Next time, plug us :)

    Special equipment includes a gas gauge.
    We were lucky enough to have never gotten the Trabant in the US. It's one of a number of vehicles which did such an excellent job of showing everything wrong with communism in one rolling platform. The East German car can now be imported to the US, thanks to the relaxed safety and emissions standards placed on older cars. So the following is a review of one such Trabant which now resides in Connecticut, thanks to one optimistic young man.
    This is as funny as you'd expect a review of a crap car to be, and it does indeed make a Yugo look like a well thought out idea. ***(Video Review at Link)
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    Will do next time Justin, sorry but I wasn't really quite ready/scripted for the review, so I left a few things out by accident. Otherwise I would've mentioned and explained duroplast too :)
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    When people talk about cars being "bad", I've always wondered what classifies a car as being "bad". Noisy, unsafe, lack of features? I've always thought a bad car was one that constantly broke down that costed hundreds of dollars to repair. I've never owned a Land Rover but I've know of people who have and they usually get rid of them in a couple of years due to them being in the shop all the time. Yes they are comfortable and nice cars but are they worth the effort and expense of keeping them on the road?

    One thing I really like about the Trabant is what it doesn't have. A bunch of novelty items that is bound to crap out sooner than later.

    Power windows: How often due mechanical window fail? Well I have had two experiences. Once the pulley that the cable goes around came loose on my X 1/9 due to metal fatigue. So I just drilled a new hole in the inner door skin. The glass is epoxied into the supports on my 68 Ford and can get brittle after time. That was fixed with a tube of urethane windshield sealant. But for the most part, mechanical windows are 10 times more reliable than power windows. I was having trouble with one of the windows rolling down on my 2006 Explorer. It's OK now but TnTrabi told me the dealership fix was to shove a piece of rubber piping up in the window gasket to prevent it from going up all the way. Otherwise just take your fist and hit the side of the door hard while pressing the window button and it will eventually roll down!

    Heated seats:. If anyone grew up in a house with ceiling heat (a wire between two pieces of sheetrock) you will know they are not very reliable. All it takes is some fat ass to plop down hard enough and break the wire in the seat bottom and it quits working. Or they just find a weak spot like ceiling heat and the entire thing burns out. The passenger heated seat in my 2006 Explorer won't work and the driver's seat in my wife's Buick did not work either when we bought it.

    The third row seats won't go down. Apparantly Ford used plastic gears which easily strip out and the only way to repair it is to replace the entire assembly. Why they just didn't install mechanical levers to lower and raise the third row seats like the did the ones behind the front seats I have no idea. I suppose so you could recline the third row seats from the tailgate to load groceries rather than having to open the rear doors. You know someone might get a neckache if they had to goto that much trouble...

    Concerning Yugos. I've owned mine for about 10 years and it's actually been a good car. It's very noisy, the transmission sounds like it's about the explode (which is a common thing Yugo owner's say) but they seem to be good cars otherwise. The interior items degrade in sunlight and are very cheap but I've noticed GM seems to be using the same type of plastic in their newer cars. So Yugos were ahead of their time!

    So I guess the Trabant could be considered a "bad" car because it's unsafe, noisey, heater is not that great, emits allot of pollutants but I've never really read anything about them being unreliable as long as they are maintaned.
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    That's a lot of words.

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