1. Hello, I'm new to this forum. I'm from Sweden and I'm helping my Grandfather with selling his 1989 Trabant 601 from East Germany. It's beige and we have had it to Trabant meetings and experts that have taken a look at the car. Most germans and people say that his Trabant is the only one in Sweden that is in such a great condition. And even better, it's only got 7000 kilometer on it.

    Now I'm barely 17 but I've grown interest for his cars (He also has a Mazda 1986 RX7 which I'm gonna fix and use as my own car). I think the Trabant is a beautiful old car, and it also has a story behind it.

    In 1989 right after the Berlin Wall's fall, my grandfather and my dad went down to East Germany and bought a newly produced Trabant, he drove it through germany and all the way to Sweden (Don't know how he made it). Anyway, when he came to Sweden he got pulled over several times, because he had such a car and an East german license plate, so he spoke in german whenever they pulled him over, funny.

    Since then it has been standing in a heat garage til now, when I want to help him sell it. Since it has only 7000 kilometers and it's such a good condition, I want to know what price in Euro you could get for such a car like this. Right now I don't have photos or license plate, but I hope soon I will be able to get some uploaded.

    So, by the sound of it, what price could you get for this Trabant? If anyone is interested in more of this car, you can PM me and I can send more information and pictures. Right now this car is in Dalarna (Middle of Sweden).
  2. michiel76

    michiel76 Loyal Comrade

    Why would you sell it?
    I think this car in this condition you have to keep it because Original Trabant's with this milage is unique!
  3. Because my grandfather is too old to keep it in shape and it takes up a lot of space, it's what he thinks. And I don't think anyone have some interestest in the car except me whom will start university soon and also work outside Sweden.
  4. michiel76

    michiel76 Loyal Comrade

    Hi Johan,

    Thnx for message,ok I understand now why to sell this beautifull car!

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