1. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    If you have only recently passed your driving test, then your license wouldn’t cover you to use a trailer.
    You would have to take a separate test for it. You will also not be able to drive a van that’s bigger than a small transit van.
    Best to check what’s on the back of your license.
  2. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Hello Wiltshireonian!!

    Hope that you and the "mem sahib" are well?!....At long last I have got the 600RS ready for it's mot and subsequent registration application. Hopefully on the road early next month, whatwith the wait for the paperwork/age-related no. plate allocation. Will endeavour to get over to Salisbury, if only to pop in and see you both, in a month or two?!! Will drop you a line, in advance to see when you might be at home! Have you got that DDR steering wheel fettled and fitted to your 601 yet?......Regards, Ian.
  3. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    Good to hear you have finally got the Trabi up and running. It would be great to see you again and the RS.
    Did you manage to find RS 600 wheel arches in the end? My friends in Hungary thought that Germany was the most likely place to find some.
  4. Ian

    Ian Loyal Comrade

    Thanks for your reply! 800RS wheelarches are u nheard of it would seem....the nearest that I got to them/variant, was on a German used rally part site, where someone had previously advertised a set of 4 no. newly made fibreglass 800RS wings.......but they had long gone and I could not trace the vendor, to see where he had got them/had them made?! It would have meant removing 4 x perfectly good duroplast wings and all the fitting-up...and re-decal'ing the new wings, after they had been sprayed to match the rest of the car's bodywork!!!!
    Given up on that front for now.
    Ironically, I read on your profile on the trabant forums site, that you also own an A30.....

    I AM IN THE PROCESS OF TRYING TO GO AND GET ONE THAT I AM BUYING AND PAID A DEPOSIT ON, 2 MONTHS AGO!! Owner was quite happy for me to have it when it suited me better.
    Mine is a 2 door A30....but, WITH a Honda ST1100 V4 dohc, water-cooled, Pan European motorcycle engine and gearbox, etc. fitted to it. It also has had midget wheels, front suspension fitted.....but, needs tidying and fettling.
    The problem is that we have had our cottage on the market for a year and not had many viewings, with brexit, etc. We are looking to re-locate to Powys, in mid Wales....so, space really is at a premum, but I couldn't give up the chance of getting a baby austin, with a Honda trained car Technician - fitted engine conversion!

    Interesting stuff....but, main concern is getting the RS through her 1st mot on Friday and completing the Trabant registration and 1st , age-related reg. no. application and getting that sent off to the DVLA. Insured, in order to get me to the mot legally,...but road tax will need getting also, in due course.

    I shall then arrange some excursions and see as to whther you are avail for calling-in on a certain day, to suit you.


    Ian Reid (07985)959637

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