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    Thanks for the heads up. So far the Trabbi is running fine, but it is only a matter of time before Ill need something!
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    I got an email message from Trabantwelt.de today that they checked with DHL, and DHL has no idea where that package is. So, they are sending me a duplicate shipment which will hopefully not get eaten up the the coronavirus or whatever happened to it. Props to Trabantwelt for sending the replacement. Fingers crossed that it actually arrives this time.
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    I have had a Hagerty policy for over 20 years and have sixteen ( yes, sixteen) cars with them now, with an annual premium of about $2200, which i don't think is too bad.
    I've never had a problem with stated value. About the only bump in the road I've ever had was with my 2007 saturn Sky, which is a relatively newer car for them, After I assured them I only put a few hundred miles a year on it there has been no problems, however there has never been an instance where they have questioned the actual miles I have driven
    Probably more restrictive is the lisence plate, Where I live we can have antique plates which are much cheaper but in theory they can only be used on cars that are just driven for pleasure or to a show, but I've never known anyone to get a ticket for driving on a Wednesday.
    Up until a few years ago I paid my premiums directly to Hagerty. My street cars are with a nationwide agent and she became a hagerty affiliate so she is now point person.
    Having a local agent you know can certainly be advantageous. About a year and half ago I got a call from her and she told me my license was suspended, which was a total shock to me. I called the state DMV office and was told I didn't have insurance on the Trabant, which of course I did. So i turned it over to my local agent. I turned out that there is an 8 ( eight) in my chassis serial number but the state had it as a 9 ( nine). She was able to convince the state DMV I was insured and so everything was then OK.
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    Thanks for the info. My Hagerty insurance will be thru my local agent who has been very good at taking care of changes I have needed to make and with advice on insurance options to save money. I have never had a situation like yours, fortunately. It's nice that the state decided to suspend your license without asking what the deal was with insurance. In Ohio, they have a mandatory insurance requirement for all registered vehicles, which based on acquaintances of mine does nothing to prevent being involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist. In order to police that requirement, they send out letters randomly to registered owners asking them to provide proof that the vehicle in question was insured at some specific time in the past (rather than at the present time since someone could wait for the letter and then go get insurance). If you can't or don't provide that documentation, they automatically suspend your license presuming apparently that you are guilty. Lord help you if you moved from your registered address and forwarding of mail did not happen, or, if the letter did not make it to you for some other reason. With all the computer automation available today, it seems states could simply have those insurers licensed to cover vehicles in the state provide them with data on those they insure including VINs, which the state could then match with registered vehicles. Those not on any insurance list would be the suspect ones to investigate, which would help identify those who are actually not keeping their cars insured. And they should never suspend a license without contacting the person to see if there is some recordkeeping mess up like in your case.
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    I got a new 6v wiper motor from Trabantwelt, but after swapping it in it did not work. So, I have either a switch problem or a problem with the wiring somewhere. I am fairly certain I labeled the wires on the motor end correctly when I removed the old motor months ago and attached them to the corresponding terminals on the new one, but the insulation on the wiring for two of the wires is pretty much indistinguishable so that makes it a bit hard to tell if things match up from one end to the other. Also, somewhat unexpected was that the new motor has a ground and four connections to it, while the old one has a ground and three connections. Also, on the new one, terminal 54 has two tabs to accept wires which is not the case with the old one. The old one has (L to R) terminals 31b, 54, 54d, and 31 (which is a ground to the housing). The new one has (L to R) 31 (again, ground to the housing), 31c, 31b, 54d, and 54. So, the new one has an extra terminal labeled 31c and it has a red wire soldered to it that runs into the motor housing. 31b has a green wire running to the motor, 54d has no wire connected externally but its other end of the connector seems to run down past the insulating board underneath the terminals so perhaps it is a ground connection(?), and 54 has a brown wire running into the motor housing and it too goes through under the insulating board on toward the housing it is mounted on. When I attached the wiring to the new motor I did not initially use terminal 31c since it did not exist in the old motor. I tried just for the heck of it using 31c instead of 31b also but that did not work either. I will post pics of the terminal end of both since it is probably easier to understand than the above text description of the layout.

    On the old motor, I removed the cover and 31b has a black wire running to one side of the motor, and 54 has a black wire running to the opposite side of the motor. Underneath the old motor, there is a copper strip attached at one end with terminal 31b that appears to move into contact with the terminal for 54d presumably when the switch is turned on. It looks like there is a small post that pushes up from underneath via some sort of solenoid I presume in order to force that contact, and when it is not engaged, it appears to be resting on a contact that connects to the housing so it is presumably grounded in that position. Note: neither of the contacts looks burned or anything so that's not the reason the old motor was not running. Looking at things on the old motor it is not clear to me if 54d is a ground or hot - it seems it could be either. Out of curiosity, I opened the housing for the new motor and the wires going in there connect to a sort of mini-circuit board so it is not obvious what the function of any of them is and there appears to be no mechanical contact switch in there.

    I am going to try to attach an electric schematic drawing I found (if I can make it small enough) which seems to apply, though I am not sure what year it is from. If anyone can make sense of that, I would appreciate the help. I am wondering for each terminal where power and ground should be present (or neither) at both the switch end and the motor end when the switch is in the off position, and then again when it is in the on position. Basically, I am wondering what I should be looking for at each terminal to see if the One thing that seems odd to me that this diagram and one other one I was able both list one of the terminals on the motor end as 54a, and it is clear that both the old and the new motor have 54d imprinted on them. On the switch end, the terminal is labeled 54d which does match the schematic, but the motor end does not.

    It anyone can provide some advice for me on troubleshooting this, I would appreciate it. If the schematic is not clear, perhaps someone with a 6v wiper motor could check to see what is on each terminal for the motor and switch ends when the switch is both in the off and then the on position. My guess is that my switch is bad, or I have things somehow hooked up incorrectly, but that is just a guess. It seems that the problem is not likely in the motor itself since I have a new one of those. I am working on obtaining a different switch but they are not available from Trabantwelt as near as I can tell so I have feelers out for a used one. If anyone happens to have a used two position (on/off only) 6v switch they don't need, I am in the market for one.

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    I think i have a single speed switch somewhere . You can have it for £3 plus postage problem is i live in UK so shipping might be prohibitive . PM me if ypu want it
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    This might help:

    Using a decent multimeter and with the ignition switched ON but the wiper switched OFF find out which of the terminals is +6volts, relative to the vehicle frame. This is the "parking" feed, and it allows the wipers to park once the power from the switch is switched off. Now find which terminal is +6 volts when the wiper switch is ON; this is the normal feed to the wipers. Now, having identified these +6 volt terminals, see if there is still 6 volts if the negative lead of the meter is connected to one of the other, as yet unidentified leads. If so, this might be an earth connection. One of the other terminals on the motor might be for a second speed; I don't know if you said the original motor was single or two speed.

    Just a thought........

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