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    I went to another local car down today. This is one of the largest in the area. Several hundred cars attended. Mostly vintage American cars but a little bit of everything. I decided to display my Trabant this year since I have shown all my others over the past few years and you usually see something different every year.

    When I pulled into the main showfield, one of the guides ask me if I wanted to park up on the hill with the British car club. I informed them my car was not British and when I told him it was East German, he had this stumped look on his face.

    I didn't take a lot of photos unless something unusual caught my eye. Like the Mity Might Jeep and the Crosley. The Crosley is what some people think my Trabant is. There is some resemblence I will admit.

    I printed up a small info paper to place under the wiper blade which included the cars details in case I was not around to explain it. I was suprised that two or three people actually knew what my car was and where it came from.

    Some of my Fiat buds attended and all four of us parked together. I thought Mike had really stepped up in the world when he showed up in a Ferrari 308 GT. Only to discover it was a kit car built on a Pontiac Ferrari. Now a days there are probably more Ferrari 308s on the road than there are Pontiac Fieros!

    http://s222.photobucket.com/user/turbofiat/library/Allandale car show 2013#/user/turbofiat/library/Allandale car show 2013?sort=6&page=1&_suid=1379891645978062170891639622

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    A car show at a Mansion, you say?
    Isn't a mansion built upon mass exploitation? Fie on them!

    I have found that very few Americans know of "East" Germany. That stumped look is the usual result.
    It's better to go with "Soviet controlled Germany" or if you don't mind being inaccurate "German" or being inaccurate and shot at, "Soviet" . Americans have heard of and think they know what these things mean.

    It's a good thing you showed up with a Fine Socialist Car or things might have gotten out of hand...;)
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    Did you place in the show at all?
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    I left before the awards were handed out. I had to work the nightshift. Besides you can't compete with 57 Chevys.

    Did you check out the British cars? What about that MG with the blower mounted on the front bumper driven directly off the crankchaft?

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