1. :eek: Don't remind me. We're a new club. We didn't know about it and missed it :mad:
  2. Aaron

    Aaron Leader

    great group, but it needs to be in English :p
  3. If we get more interest I'll start doing all the posts in English. So far we have had little interest from within the US other than all the Polish people in Chicago.
  4. 'bant

    'bant Loyal Comrade

    I don't think it is.

    If I understand correctly, the floor pan and mechanical parts used in the Polski Fiat 125 came from the Fiat 1500 whereas the bodywork was derived from the Fiat 125. The rear suspension used the leaf spring set up from the 1500. So it is a sort of Frankenstein car with the ride and handling characteristics of the older Fiat 1500 and the looks of the later 125s. Quite a different kettle of fish to both the 125s and 131s built in Italy.
  5. Steve H

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    One of my customers has 5 (yes, really!) 126p. He's a little 'eccentric' and loves my Trabi.
  6. Steve H

    Steve H Loyal Comrade

    Those FSO 'hatchbacks' always amused me - ancient RWD platform, hatchback, but fixed rear seat backs!

    Sold until relatively recently, too.

    One of the Practical Classics writers (maybe Sam Glover - he has a thing for Eastern Bloc stuff) bought an FSO ambulance conversion recently.
  7. 'bant

    'bant Loyal Comrade

    I'd quite like one of those newer Polski Fiat 126 models with the canted over 700cc engine and the rear hatchback. There was one at the Treff til Tusen that had been converted to a cabriolet. There was a short production run of a couple of thousand cars I can't remember if the owner said it was a Polish or a German company that did the conversion. The Norwegian owner said it took a while to get the documentation together to get the car approved for use in Norway. I might have a picture or two that I can put up.
  8. kev the builder

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    I've had both a Polska 1300 and a fsm 126 the Polska was like driving a tank and rusted well it was as popular as a rattle snake in a looks dip it took some sellingthe fsm 126 was great fun I fitted bigger rims and tyres gas flowed the head and made a sports exhaust it did over 80 mph and was great fun the wife hated it and wouldn't go in it,tho she hates my trabi now
  9. BillB

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    :) Yes, that is a little spendy

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