Are you a 'bot or automaton?

  1. No, I'm not a 'bot. I'm a human being

    5 vote(s)
  2. No, I'm not a 'bot. I'm not a human either

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  3. Yes! I'm a 'bot and I work for Goolge, Amazon or some government agency

    1 vote(s)
  4. None of the above

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  5. Oh No! Not another annoying Poll! Arrrrgggghhhhh!!!

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Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Keri

    Keri Leader

    I noticed that this forum often has several 'bots, or "robots" present.

    These 'bots are usually automatons that scan websites for search engines or maybe for online businesses or sometimes for government agencies as they track down and ruthlessly exterminate Terrorists, Dissidents, Communists* and other assorted Riffraff. (Hi NSA guys!)

    So, because these 'bots are usually ignored or avoided, I thought maybe we should have a thread just for them!

    *- Uh oh!
  2. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    I haven't noticed any bots on this forum. Give me an example.

    By the way, I wanted to start a poll the other day but couldn't figure out how to do it.
  3. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    All they are are web crawlers that are looking for keywords and meta data that help people to find the site
  4. Keri

    Keri Leader

    If you look where it says "members online now" it will say something like "members, 3. guests, 22. robots,9."

    When you create a new thread, the create a poll options are at the bottom of the page.
  5. Keri

    Keri Leader

    Gosh, Robots are shy! Not one replied to their very own thread.

    On a related topic, if you happen to be a non-robot GUEST , I'd like to say Hello, thanks for visiting and since guests can not post here, please "Like" us on Facebook and Google+!
    Justin likes this.
  6. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Keri, I totally forgot about having a Google+ page
  7. trabant601

    trabant601 Loyal Comrade

    I noticed that the other day, was it yesterday? Never saw it before and now I don't have to ask, "What the heck is that all about?" Thanks Keri and Justin
  8. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Just an update to the overall software. Shows the web crawlers that are online whereas it didn't show that before
  9. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

    Is anyone still using Google+? I gave up on it a while ago. My hands are pretty full Twitter/Facebook/various forums as it is. It's a nice idea, but the uptake just isn't there yet.

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