Are you ASE Certified?

  1. Yes! I have at least one ASE Certification

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  2. No! Not being a professional car or truck mechanic, there is no point

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  3. No, but I would like to be

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  4. ASE? what's that? Some kind of bug?

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  1. Keri

    Keri Leader

    Is anyone else here "ASE" Certified?
    "ASE" is short for "National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence". I bring this up because I just tonight passed my recertification tests. (yes, there were tests on a Sunday!)

    Basically, ASE is a government entity that administers tests. These tests are meant to check your knowledge of automotive repair and basic principles of operation.
    Being ASE certified is meant to enhance your career prospects, but I've found that it has little effect in the new-car dealership scene. Other factors, like cozying up to management (scabbing) seem to be far more important.
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  2. Keri

    Keri Leader

    I've been ASE certified in all 8 standard auto repair categories and "L1" advanced level for a long time now. Even since before I became a Union Organizer.
    I always find the tests easy to pass without further study, though this is not usually the case with my co- and fellow-workers.
    This is because I studied how cars (and other stuff) work long before I contemplated working on them.
  3. TNTrabi

    TNTrabi Lord Trabi Forum Donor

    I have been an ASE certified master mechanic for some years now. Having taken A1 through A8 and L1 and passed. You are correct in that there are a lot of other things that get you ahead besides ASE certification. Also having worked in a ford dealership for 20 years, a few years ago I received my Ford Senior Masters award.
  4. Aaron

    Aaron Leader

    I am in Suspension, brakes (for cars), service consultant, parts counter (both a joke), and brakes for medium and heavy trucks.

    Doesn't mean anything in reality..Needing a puller to remove the drum on my trabi had me baffled for a few minutes haha

    Doing it day in and day out is what makes you good. I can already see my thinking ability decrease everyday I'm away from the dealer....That's fine with me though, rough business and I dont really miss it.
  5. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    No buy I have my chemical operator certification. But is only good through my company though!
  6. Raindrops

    Raindrops Smoking Along

    How hard was it to get certified?
  7. Keri

    Keri Leader

    For me it was easy. Many find the tests difficult, as they are largely based upon a knowledge of basic principles, and less upon experience, though that is important also.
    I had studied how stuff works for some time before trying to fix anything...
  8. Aaron

    Aaron Leader

    It isn't that bad. As Keri said, it is more principle focused. Ive seen the younger techs really seem to struggle with it....Just relax, think it through. You can buy ASE study guides, I did. They do help, and at least give you an idea of what areas to focus on and be aware of.

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