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    an interesting, one-owner Tramp emerged for sale recently.
    It is located in Macedonia, Europe. The car is a genuine, authentic
    Tramp P601-Z (not the more probable replica based on a military Kubel).

    Owned by one same family, bought new (with the orig.invoice)..

    Detailed description is available below in this post (An exhaustive Flickr
    photo gallery is also available, upon request, if really interested).

    Serious enquiries are welcome at: alexfrytz34 (at) gmail (dot) com

    Thanks & stay safe!

    Very rare, authentic IFA-Trabant Tramp (IFA P601-Z) from 1987 - in unrestored,
    original condition. It would require either a partial, or a thorough restoration.

    The vehicle in question is a single-owner car (one family) from new (!) – it was bought showroom-new, back in 1987, from the official importer of IFA vehicles in former Yugoslavia.

    Being a rare, and distinctive ‘export’ model, the ‘Tramp’ version is not to be confused with the ex-DDR military vehicle "Kűbel" P601/A & P601/F, which are rather less rare (although still very desirable nowadays). Actually, only 962 (!) genuine ‘Tramp’ examples have been produced over the 12 years of the ‘Tramp’ production span (1978-1990), and most of the preserved units are ‘away’ from the current classics’ market.

    It is of note that these particular models (P601/Z) were very difficult to obtain even then when they were new (actually, they were only sold to select customers/markets). In 1987, there were only 58 examples of the ‘Tramp’ export model produced, according to available sources & VIN-based data (the total ‘Kűbel’ + ‘Tramp’ production for that year is 380.). This is one of those 58 units from 1987, one of the very last years of 2-stroke ‘Tramp’ production.

    As regards documentation, we posess the original 1987 sales invoice from the official importer (this document is offered as a part of the car’s legacy). The car has valid registration documents & title in our name. The car also has accompanying papers, including some private maintenance logs, notebooks etc.

    The car has been storaged for more than a decade. The bodywork is generally in a very good state of preservation, and offers genuine substance. All original authentic ‘Tramp’ parts are on the car (today very difficult to find). It has been stored (semi-conserved), in a heated garage, since 2004. Previously, it was in regular summer usage (no winters), from new (1987) to approximately 2003-2004. Odo mileage is 65,500 kms, which are authentic.

    Rust is limited, in non-structural areas of the car. It is basically a sound example, so if the next owner would decide to perform a full restoration, it should definitely not be an adventure, so to speak. We are offering the car unrestored, as-is, because of its authenticity and value – never repainted, never welded, never intervened on anything (it still has the original factory paint etc.).

    Its 2-stroke engine, and all mechanical components, are fully functional (except brakes, due to long-term storage). It can be arranged, of course, to deliver the car with repaired brakes, if required. During the years it was in usage, the car has been caringly maintained, and has received numerous refreshed wear & tear components (clutch set, front axle bushings, various bearings, seals, cables, engine components etc..). Only proven quality lubricants were used, including annual replacement of gearbox oil during the time the car was on the road.

    Therefore, mechanically, the car should be ‘fit’ for a longer service life, as most of these components have not suffered due to the period of storage.

    More photos from the car can be provided to serious buyers, after a telephone appointment, and a discussion showing genuine interest (initial contact is preferred through email).

    Preserved, authentic and sound examples of this model (P601/Z “Tramp”) are a true rarity these days (not speaking of “replicas” using a ‘Kűbel’ base), and lately they seem to be almost missing from the market. The car is sold as it is, out-of-storage, with all original parts included (except the canvas roof/doors, which has disintegrated over the years). It is, however, entirely possible to offer the vehicle complete with a brand new, complete set of canvas roof & doors (in a productionquality as close as possible to the original, from a renown source).
    The latter, of course, is subject to price negotiation, as this is a relatively pricey item nowadays.

    As mentioned above, if so desired, the car could be delivered with a replenished, operational braking system.

    Only serious enquiries from true IFA/Trabant knowledgeable enthusiasts, please.

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