1. Bountyflyer

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    Just found this app yesterday! It's called Pre-Mix. Super simple to use and does liters or gallons as well! No more head screaching and measuring cans at the gas stations!!!

    Find it in your friendly neighborhood app store for 99cents....

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  2. Justin

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    I like that one better than the one I currently use.....I use one called Kraftstoffmix

  3. turbofiat124

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    I'm old school.


    What's cool about this bottle is it has marks for different ratios for gallons. So if you are brave enough to use Opti-2 100:1 all ratio oil it's 6 ounces per 5 gallons. All ratio/independent 2 cycle oil, 13 ounces for 5 gallons for 50:1 ratio.

    I finally got rid of all those small bottles of 2 cycle oil I had accumulated over the years from various sources! Enough to treat about 15 gallons.

    I've been running a 40:1 ratio here lately. Mainly because it's mowing season and all my other 2 stroke powered stuff uses a 40:1 ratio and I'm afraid I might accidently run a 50:1 mix in my weedwacker, leaf blower or chainsaw. Since I typically mix my oil up in 5 gallon batches and then poor it into 1 gallon jugs.

    I still have not found a way to refill those bottles you squeeze 2.6 ounces up into a reservior for every gallon. I know they are not meant to be refillable but they are great if you need to top off at the pump.

    BountyFlyer, TnTrabbi says he has talked to many Trabant owners in Hungary that swears a 40:1 ratio is the best ratio to run in these engines. The English owner's manual I downloaded from this site says that was what was sold at the pump back in the day in Hungary. What's your opinion on this?
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  4. Bountyflyer

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    The only mixture what was availabe at the pump was 1:40. I run all my stuff on 1:40. It's better for the engine. The only reason they come up with 1:50 after 87 or so, that it would be cheaper to operate the Trabies. They got better at tolarances by then and had advencement in 2stroke oil technology. Before 87 or so the 2T oil was something very different.... I still remember the smell of it!! So I have to agree with all my fellow Hungarians that 1:40 is the best for all these engines.

    I'm moving at the moment. WITH MY BARKAS! Loads after loads of stuff. It's usually 104F and I'm driving most of it on the freeway. Not faster then 110Km/h. The Barkas works great! It's 50 miles a way, and doing this all month now. If the 1:40 would be bad for the poor thing, it would have complained by now...
  5. Bountyflyer

    Bountyflyer Premium Member Forum Donor

    My Barkas at work:

    image.jpg A picture of the
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  6. Wartburg353W

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    I use those mixing bottles like Turbofiat has; very handy. My only complaint is that the ones I have do not seal 100 percent leak proof when you screw down the lid, so I have to make sure they are sitting upright in the trunk organizer propped up by rags.
  7. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    I just use the measureing bottle when I mix up 5 gallon batches and top off before leaving the garage.

    If I am on the road I keep some emgergency pre-measured oil for 2.5 gallons next to the tank:

    These poly bottles don't leak. They are made to transport acid samples. We got them in 1,2,4,8 and 16 ounce botttles.

    Otherwise we use cheap urine sample cups for samples below 1% acetic acid.
  8. vdubbin

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  9. Keri

    Keri Leader

    This sounds like a fun topic for a Poll! :D

    I use RatioRite!


    But really! The side of the bottle has decently accurate markings and even a one ounce error on 16 ounces of oil just isn't significant.

    50:1 has been fine so far with modern oils and 36,000km of very hard, very fast driving.

    If you're using cheap or ancient oil or maybe are breaking in a new motor, 40:1 might be a bit "safer" on some parts but with increased deposit buildup.
    Increased deposit buildup will be less safe on other things*.

    * Like detonation and piston ring sticking.
  10. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    Finally got rid of those small bottles and unused squeeze bottles that I had amased over the years and cracked into my gallon jug of Lucas you highly recommend the other day. By the way O'Relieys sells gallon jugs of Lucas 2 cycle oil for around $26 verses $8 a quart. So $26 sound better than $32 to me. But they don't stock it in on the shelf. You have to ask for it and they will get it by the next day, no extra charge.

    I've been running 40:1 of the Lucas. My Trabbi seems to like it. No stalling in quite some time. I don't know if the Lucas oil just does better or had anything at all to do with this occasional stalling I had been experiencing. Since Hungarians seem to be bent on running a 40:1 mixture I just wonder if the ratio effects the fuel mixture? Could the carb be adjusted for a 40:1 mixture?

    Also all of my lawn equiptment uses a 40:1 so I'm afraid I might grab some 50:1 by mistake.

    The jury is still out wheather that 100:1 Opti-Mix is safe to use in any 2 cycle engine. I did run about 10 tanks of it in my Trabbi with no ill effects but wonder what the long term effects of it is.

    I have used it in my lawn equiptment which normally runs at full throttle will no ill effects.

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