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    Restoring a Barkas is fricken hard. It has an overly complicated suspension, brakes and transmission. It worth to buy one what is perfect.... Most of the restorations I've heard of costs at least $10000. And they are in East Europe with lots of spares avaliable. One of them just got stolen a week ago in Budapest. The guy spent $12000 on it, it had a diesel engine and it was almost done. It got stolen from the street infron of his house....

    At the other hand it's ten times better then a VW van! I moved with mine, and it was doing 65 mph fully loaded!
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    You're right, much better to buy one that's been tastefully restored. The sort of money spent on a really good job is money that you will never recoup, if you did it yourself and were to sell it later. Barkas vans rust like hell, so fully agree with you that restoration of these isn't easy or for the faint hearted. The fire engine types tend to be particularly nice when in good order.

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