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    Anyone split one to replace the oil seal? There is very little play in steering but it leaks oil quite badly i would like to repair it properly . My van has the older type of box
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    Must be different than a Wartburg. I didn't think there was anything in there but grease.
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    I can help once I get home, I'll translate this part out of my Barkas manual. I never had to do it so I don't know. I also have pictures with part numbers... I just got a part number manual for the Barkas!
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    The Barkas has a circulating ball stearing gearbox. It requires Hypoid manual transmission gear oil, 80 or lower. I personally think, any non syntetic gear oil would work.

    To work on this component will require some special tooling and quite a bit of experience! I'm not sure if you are set up for the task. I know that I'm not... What I would do is to buy the parts you want to change than find a specialized shop where the only thing they do is gear boxes. Send it out to them. They will have the tools and the knowlage to work on it. The seal never fails just because it got old. It almost all the time fails because the supposrting bearing failed right behind it! So I would buy two seals, and a main bearing. I've scanned in all the pictures concerning the gear box repair. Also I have a parts number manual! So here are the factory part numbers from IFA what you will need to find:

    On the second picture you can see #3 main housing seal:

    001-200.011/04 You could make it out of a thin paper....

    On the picture with the inside parts: (first picture)

    #1 seal : there was no part number just it's size D 28x40
    #21 seal, same thing, D 28x40
    #17 bushing 001-200.009/05
    #18 bushing 001-200.010/05

    17 and 18 just as important as the seals!

    If you think that you are well equipped for the task, please let me know and I'll translate the many pages for you. I will need about two weaks for this. If you take it to a rebuild shop, and they need to know something, I can translate just what they need in a few days. Please send me a message if you need this.

    And now the pictures from the parts manual and the shop manual.

    Good luck, Peter
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  6. mbeamish

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    Just an update both oil seals can be replaced from the outside.Happily there was no need to split box

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