1. Bountyflyer

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    I've found a little oil leak on the transmission's left side. So I pulled out the two king pins on the left side. It wasn't an easy job... I stripped the puller's thread in the first 10 minutes... Got both of them out after an hr of fighting.... Once the gunk was cleaned, they slid back in real nicely!

    Then I was able to pull out the driveshaft. Once the driveshaft was out of the way, I've seen the reason for the leak. The driveshaft slides inside the differential gear, and the large seal installed around the rotating differential housing. Probably due to a collision the lip what includes the drive shaft seal broke off...

    I took off the differential cove and pulled out the differential all together.

    So I'll need to find an other differential housing. To be exact, not the middle housing, but the side part what holds thr differential bearing....

    The problem is, I'll need to take the trans out and re adjust the differential bearing while the rear cover is off and some sort of feeler gauge attached....

    Or just buy an other trans...
  2. Bountyflyer

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    The differential cove is also an adjusting point for the differential bearing. To adjust it properly, the transmission has to be out, and a very complicated procedure has to be followed. Will post about this once I'm doing it.


    The differential. You can see the broken part....

    image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Here is the other side. This is how it supposed to look like. It has an O ring inside amd a lip seal at the entrance of the hole. The differential housing also has a regular larger seal what seals the moving differential.


    And the procedure on how to remove the end pace from the differential. Then how to press the bearing off of it.

  3. Keri

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    Sounds like you're going to have to adjust preload and backlash on that thing....
  4. Bountyflyer

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    At first I have to hunt down an other pace and the seals. The pace is easy, the seals are harder...
  5. Bountyflyer

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    Part located after I bought a used transmission in Hungary. I also found new gaskets for the driveshaft. It's installed and running great.

    An old hungarian gizer told me to remove the filler plug, select 4th gear and move the rod what I can reach. Once I put the new diff back adjust it until I feel the same slash. It worked!

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