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    Not period pictures, but I think interesting. I was there and saw it, the Berlin Wall. I was there that night in Nov. 1989 and stood on the wall. I was there as pieces from the inner side were un-ceremonially spirited away on trucks a couple of years later. Those were white washed on the DDR side though. I found these, in my opinion, identical to, Berlin Wall sections. I realized it from far away. These have no paint on them at all and still have various kinds of rock which was for sale for construction sites. They are either pieces of the Berlin Wall or were made with the same mold. Seen on June 16, 2013 in Greiz. Did anybody see pieces of the wall anywhere else? 5 pictures, dang it, each too big. See below.
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    Eric, I will have to go over the trick for you to upload big pictures, I think I have a write up on it I will send to you private message.

    I have 3 pieces of the wall. One that I got from friends back in the early 90's when they went to Germany another piece that has a small Trabi on the top of it and another that is in a commemorative thing I have of Reagan.
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    I lost my original pieces I picked up or chipped myself on Nov. 10, 11, and 13, 1989. I had a house fire and couldnt find them in the rubble. I have some of the collector series pieces that people gave me. I just had to chip a piece off of this stuff I found, convinced that it is the same material. Having studied the pics a little, they were probably not quality to go to Berlin for wall use so ended here, maybe made here, anyone know where the wall sections were cast (could be Greiz). I will research a little. On the 10th I stood on the wall and when i came down, a guy swinging a pick had just broken through so we could see the old wall inside the outer shell wall, The wall was multi layered at the Brandenburg Gate. I asked him to stop, I reached in and pulled out that first piece which made the hole, the flat surface was from the inside, thus no paint. On the 13th I met up with a girl i know from when i studied in Erfurt in 1986. We went to a hardware store where I bought a small DDR hammer and chisel. We crossed into West Berlin (her first time in her life) and I picked a piece for myself near Potsdammer Platz. At the last swing I was tapped on the shoulder, I said, one moment, Im almost done. The piece dropped and I turned to see a West Berlin police officer who asked me not to do that any more, that it is East German property and that the authorities hope continue improved relations. I promised to stop and he moved on to the next person who was using a screwdriver and a rock to chip. Naturally I couldnt fine the hammer and chisel either.
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    Here is the picture of me on the Berlin Wall. Im the one waving. Photo problems.... originally taken with 200 ASA slide film at night (Cannon AE1), later 4 prints were made, One to each of my friends with me up there and 2 for me. (The photographer is one of the guys girlfriend who did as I asked, please hold it very still.) View attachment 460 Scanned one in 1995 at my building principals request, to put on the school website, had to reduce the quality to fit the then allowed size in our html language class we had to take (I had just been hired and had to learn it). I lost my pics to fire in 2000 and school got a new server with no data transfered. I recently found the Wayback Machine (thanks Peabody and his boy Sherman) actually a project to archive the internet (incase it ever changes or dies out). Here I am on the Berlin Wall. (anyone know how to clean up or improve a picture that is this low?)
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    Sections of the Berlin wall have been given by the Germans to governments all over Europe. There is a section standing in a park in Budapest to honor the role Hungary played in opening the border in the first place that led to the end of the wall. Many more such sections exist. There is a list on Wikipedia. That is very interesting you may have found unused sections. How are they standing upright? Is there some sort of foundation? Was it some sort of structure?
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    If you saw the section in Budapest or actual wall in Berlin back then then you know how it stands. It has an L shape foot platform. See it in my pictures above. I know they are all over the place, Zwickau has one in city center even. There are several at Wright Pat. AFB, some are used in the display and they have some that they dont use, I saw them once. Attach a pic you took of the one in Budapest please. Here is a nice cross section pic of a piece of Berlin Wall (I have no comment on the contents of this web site, I just like the picture...http://www.trabantforums.com/threads/lost-and-found-in-greiz-eastern-germany.973/ I have seen slab sections seperated from that foot.
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    I figured you knew that, but you did ask where people have seen pieces of the wall . . . I just wanted to sound like a know-it-all. In your pictures it looks like they are arranged in patterns almost like rooms so I wondered whether it was a structure.
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    Here is our "wall":


    Unlike the Berlin Wall, this wall between the US and Mexico is to keep people out. This wall's construction varies from concrete slabs to a simple barbed wire fence in some places which stretrches some 3,145 km or 1,954 miles. Some of it looks as if it was thrown together out of scrap material like corrugated metal roofing tin. I guess the section's construction depends upon how much illegal traffic that region sees and how much money the state or county has to spend on it.

    It would be nice if the US, Mexican and Canadian borders were more like Europe. But there is too much of an economic gap between the US and Mexico.

    Used to all you needed was some sort of ID like a birth certifcate or driver's licence to cross either border. Now we "Americans" are required to hold a passport just to get back into the US which is now $100 and last time I got one took me four months to obtain and a lot of foot work. Three post offices to get the application, misspelled name entered in the state's datebase so they couldn't find my birth certifcate, three photo studios due to out of date passport film...

    The main concern these days with Mexico is drug smuggling. With Canada it's terrorists who use Canada as an easy gateway to get into the US.

    More photos:

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    We know where the wall that looks like that is located and where there is no wall. Naturally, the people for whom it is intended also know where it is and isn't.
  14. Keri

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    The US / Mexico wall is not to keep people out!

    It is obviously built for the same purpose as the Berlin Wall.... To keep the Trabants safe!*
    Yes, the Berlin wall was NOT to keep western spies and saboteurs out or to keep people in.
    It was constructed because of the western CAR THIEFS that continually targeted Trabants, Barkases (Barkai?) and Wartburgs**.
    A giant wall was the only way to keep the cars in the country.
    If you'll notice, the wall was just high enough to prevent a Trabant from jumping over it.

    Seriously, these walls don't work and are a sign of cultural trouble....

    * there are now a sufficient number of Trabants in the USA to justify a massive wall to discourage theft....
    **- it is a little-known fact*** that because of the appaling poverty brought about by capitalism, many people in west Germany were reduced to stealing the only cars of value in Europe, Trabants, Barkai and Wartburgs
    ***- it is little-known because of the ongoing massive misinformation campaign by the foul pigs of global capitalism and not because I just made it up or anything like that...
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    It's funny I never drew any connection between the Berlin Wall and the "Freedom Wall" :) before you made your comment Keri. You forced me to think about it. I now realize both walls are the result of the inequalities inherent in capitalism. Huh. But I think there must be a more practical way of protecting Trabants!
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  17. Keri

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    The first part is a lot more true than you probably suspect.

    So far as protecting Trabants, a Giant Wall is the only way.
    East Germany was not the first country to implement this either.
    Recent discoveries* indicate that the Ancient Chinese had developed 2-cycle automotive technology and were also compelled to construct a "Great Wall".
    The name of the Ancient Chinese Trabant? 衛星 "Wėixīng", of course!

    * while searching for dinosaur bones to sell as "stimulants", a team of Chinese archeologists stumbled across an ancient fossilized presswork crankshaft and mysterious half-emptied bottles marked "二衝程機油" (
    Èr chōngchéng jīyóu)

    Further digging revealed fragments of remarkably well-preserved ancient Duroplast, carbon-dated to 3,000 BC, still flecked with traces of what appears to be marmonweiss coloring...
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    Is there a wall in Chicago?
  19. Keri

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    In Chicago we use walls for a different purpose than protecting Trabants.

    We're famous for one wall in particular....
    The wall involved with the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.


    No joke, my fellow workers and I were lined up like this by our employer after we organized a union in the shop....
    We were lined up against a wall and our employer growled... "Who here voted for the Union?"
    I was the first to step forward, though it felt like I might be shot! A few others stepped forward after me, and some did not.

    It was actually a test set up by our union.... After a couple of minutes our Union rep walked in, thanked our employer and asked him who had stepped forward.
    Those of us that did got Union Organizer pins. Some that did not step forward asked if they could get a pin also because they had voted for the union.... "No, you did not stand for your union."
    Mine is my most valued ornament.

    25 years later, I'm very proud of myself!
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    Great share. I hope that all were treated well even though they had not stepped forward. It is easy to forget the various walls that are around us. Government regulation of booze created some bad characters in Chicago. I think your photo is a reenactment. Thanks for that, because the real thing is pretty bloody. Nothing to do with unions though.

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