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  1. ummeli

    ummeli Premium Member Forum Donor

    Driving our Trabi on the highway when the bonnet flew open. My wife, who was driving in front of me, managed to snap a photo.

    Nobody was hurt, and the car wasn't seriously damaged. Still, it's not something I'm like to experience more than once in my lifetime. :)[​IMG]
  2. Penfold

    Penfold Newbie

    That would certainly catch your attention! I'm impressed at your wife's quick thinking picture.

    What was the underlying cause? Anything the rest of us should be checking?

    Glad everyone's safe,
  3. ummeli

    ummeli Premium Member Forum Donor

    Underlying cause was driver stupidity. Whether the rest of you should check that is up to you. ;-)

    We were just getting the Trabi out of winter storage and I simply failed to check that the bonnet was latched.
  4. Steve

    Steve Loyal Comrade

    I would have thought that the weight of the bonnet should have engaged the safety hook position which prevents an incident like yours from happening. This is standard on most front opening bonnet systems where you have to release the safety hook after first pulling the bonnet release in the cabin. You should maybe look at why the safety latch operation did not work, e.g. lack of lubrication, wrongly adjusted.
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  5. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    I was driving down the road right next to a Nissan Sentra (like an 88 model) when the hood on his car flew up like this at 30 mph. My guess is the safety catch can get stuck and not engage. Perhaps when this happens, the spring is broken or the mechanism just needs some lubrication with PB Blaster.

    One day I did manage to make it about 5 miles before I realized the hood was not shut on my Trabant. The hood bounces anyway on the drivers side but it was bouncing particularly worse making some racket. Luckily the hood safety latch was functioning.

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