1. EasternBloc

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    For the sci-fi aficionados among us:

    One of the three short films recently released in anticipation for the new Blade Runner 2049 clearly shows a Trabant Kombi in the background.

    The film is called Blade Runner 2048: Nowhere to Run and can be viewed here:

    Keep your eyes peeled around 5:25!
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  2. turbofiat124

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    WOW! How did you manage to spot that!

    I loved the original Blade Runner movie. Futuristic Sc-Fi movies are about the only movies I like to watch. I might have to go see this one. I haven't been to a movie theatre in over 10 years. Or wait until it comes out on pay per view a couple of months later. Probably the later.

    The original Blade Runner used a Commutacar as a taxi cab which was an electric car from the 1970s until the early 1980s based on an EZ-Go golf cart chassis.


    I found one of these on Ebay for $3000 (non running) in Georgia. I talked to an electrical engineer I know who converted his Suburban to a hybrid and owned a Telsa and asked him what it would take to get this car running. He said about $3000 for lithium batteries.

    I thought using a gasoline engine setup from an actual EZ-Go golf cart would be a much cheaper and easier than the original design.

    I'm still not sold on electric vehicles. Not right now anyway. Around here most of our electricity comes to coal anyway so what's the purpose of burning coal to make electricity to power a car?
  3. EasternBloc

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    I make it to the theaters about once a year; only then for something that really excites me. This film meets that qualification! Added bonus of seeing a new interpretation of Syd Mead's dystopian future is that I can also keep my eyes peeled for my favorite car. Must admit, I almost want to "Future-noir" out a Trabant now.
  4. EasternBloc

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    Recently realized these films were shot in Budapest, so a Trabant probably wasn't too hard to find. Interestingly enough, you can also see a cameo of Adam Savage (one of the Mythbusters) in the market scene.

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