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    It's a 1995 Kinetic TFR. It's somewhat of an Indian built Vespa Ciao clone. As far as I know the drivetrain is made of Vespa tooling but the body is somewhat their own design. Sort of like a Yugo is a rebodied Fiat 128 and a Polonez is a rebodied Fiat 125.



    It's runs good but the bike appears to have had a rough life. It looks like it has spent sometime out in the elements and has been wrecked a few times.

    It has a high speed missfire under full throttle at times which maybe a simple as installing a new sparkplug (haven't gotten that far yet). It's got a single speed transmission so it's not as hill friendly as my Tomos TX-50 dirt bike with it's 2 speed automatic. That thing will climb a tree, although at a snail's pace.

    I cleaned a portion of the front wheel and fender with some Turtle Wax chrome and rust remover with some #0000 and it's starting to clean up.



    I'll need to take some polishing compound and clean up the paint.


    The headlamp assembly was busted and held in place with wire. So far I've made a bracket and mounted a 5" driving lamp with an H3 LED bulb to prevent overloading the wimpy electrical system. Since most mopeds use 35 watt bulbs. So there is no longer a high beam. This may not be legal but I don't plan on driving this bike at night. It's just for daytime show.

    The flasher unit was missing so I used a typical 12V automotive flasher. All I got really left to do as far as making it legal is to mount the front turn signals which are mounted to the headlamp assembly.

    So the brake, tail, turn signals, horn, headlamp all now work. The speedometer cable is broken. I may just mount it to the handlbar and hook the cable up for show. The maximum speed is 26 mph anyway and 30 mph is the maximum speed limit in my hometown. So it's not like I really need to know that.

    Since this moped is in such rough shape, I'm not going to restore it but rather use parts I have laying around my garage.

    I'd really like to have a Tomos with a 2 speed automatic so I wouldn't have to pedal up hills but mopeds in general are hard to find around here. Of course that's part of owning a moped.

    Suppoably you can use a variator off a Vespa Ciao but they are rather hard to find.

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