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    Hello All,

    I would like to invite everyone to central Kentucky for a Trabi Rally along the "Bourbon Trail". Our goal is to host this rally on Memorial Day weekend May 26th - 27th 2018. We plan on driving and touring the area Saturday (26th) and Sunday (27th). Since this is a holiday weekend we felt this would give people the best opportunity to arrive on Friday (25th) and head out on Monday (28th).

    We will be based out of Lawrenceburg KY and traveling to various sites around the area. The main focus will be a couple of the local Bourbon distillers (possibilities include: Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Wild Turkey, Woodford Reserve, & Town Branch) while also cruising back roads (great for Trabis) through some of the beautiful horse farms and stopping at Keeneland Race Track for some additional sight seeing.

    Right now we are wanting to gauge interest and begin to get a head count if possible. So please let me know if you are interested or will be attending. I am more than happy to help with finding accommodations if needed. We do have a local hotel (Best Western) in Lawrenceburg along with a few others in nearby Frankfort. Parking in the area is ample, so trailers should be no issue at all.
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    We are now about a month away from our Memorial Day weekend get together. I have spoken to a few people off the forum about coming and we have a nice little group so far. I wanted to offer an update online as well for any that may be up in the air about attending. We have put together a rough schedule for the weekend so I wanted to let people know what kind of things we will be doing. None of this is set in stone but is a good idea of what we will be doing. Should be a fun weekend.

    Sat 05/26/2018 (approx. 62 mile round trip drive for the day)

    1. Wild Turkey Distillery - Lawrenceburg KY for quick look around / photo op & possible tasting if interested
    2. Keeneland Race Course (Horses not cars) Lexington KY, they will be having a car show this day as well so we will spend some time looking around the track grounds and also the car show if interested. Another good photo op for folks. Keeneland has beautiful grounds. No horse racing is scheduled for this day.
    3. Lunch at Parkette Drive In - Lexington KY.
    4. Town Branch Distillery / Alltech Brewery - Lexington KY. Another of our local Bourbon distillers who also produces various Ales. We will most likely take the tour here if everyone is interested.
    5. Drive back to Lawrenceburg and have dinner and socialize.

    Sun 05/27/2018 (Approx. 41 mile round trip drive for the day)

    1. Buffalo Trace Distillery - Frankfort KY. Personal / private tour of the grounds and distillery. Another great place for photos. Tasting of some products if interested.
    2. Rebecca Ruth Candy - Frankfort KY. Tour candy making facility and shopping.
    3. Lunch
    4. Woodford Reserve Distillery - Versailles KY. Drive to Woodford Reserve will be almost all back roads through horse farms. We will pass the original "Old Crow" distillery and the original "Old Taylor" distillery now known as "Castle Key".
    5. Dinner
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