1. turbofiat124

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    I called the organizer for the VW air cooled show down in Greeneville TN next month to ask if I could display my Trabant. He had never heard of one before.

    I explained it was the East German version of the Type 1, well so to speak. He asked, "Is it air cooled?" I guess that's a big deal.

    He looked it up on the internet and said, "Yeah bring it". He took down my name so if I showed up I would be let in. I explained to him I wanted to show it where people who are into those kind of cars might have some interest in it. Most of the car shows I goto cater to the vintage American lead sled crowd which is mostly Chevrolets.

    I've taken my 68 Ford Fairlane to some car shows and seems the Chevy guys even snub it! Not to mention some of my Fiats.


    I asked if they had a sub category for oddball German cars like NSUs and DKWs but they did not.

    One thing I like about the Fiat club is you can put anything in their show as long as it's either made by Fiat, Italian or has some ties to Fiat. Even Vespas and Ducattis. Since Fiats were built in so many different countries and have so many different cousins like the Lada and Yugo. And the fact Fiat was once like IFA where they owned almost every car and tractor company in Italy.

    One year the show was in Niagra falls and some guys in the area had a Lada Cosack club and showed up. One of the organizers asked why didn't they enter if they knew the show was going to be held and they said they didn't think they would be welcomed because they were not true Fiats depite having Fiat engines.
  2. Keri

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    It's a good thing that Trabants are so good-natured.
    Otherwise they might be inclined to remind everyone just who is the Best Car Ever when the Car Snobbery starts hitting the fan....
  3. Justin

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    I asked my local VW club (We also own 2 VW's) and they said the Trabant wasn't welcome. So I thought, well screw them :) I could join with my Jetta or my wife's EOS, but who cares about those.
  4. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I think someone else said this too, but I am inclined to show up to a show uninvited and steal all their thunder.
  5. turbofiat124

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    I went to the Buggin for a cure show in Greeneville, TN this weekend which was aimed toward air cooled VWs but had some water cooled VWs, new Beetles, an Audi and even a Corvair van. My Trabant was well receieved. Had a lot of people checking it out. Not many of the VW crowd knew what it was so I had to explain it. I meant to write up a flyer so if anybody stopped by while I wasn't around it would explain it but I didn't have time to write one up. A couple of people thought it was a Renault.

    But one lady I think was just a spectator stopped by the check out the cars knew exactly what it was. She was born in the DDR. She told me her father "escaped" to West Germany and after he got established a couple of years later managed to get her and he mother over to the west. She was telling me her father used to go back to the DDR and bring back cameras and stuff to resale in the west.

    She said his Mercedes did not like the roads in the DDR but Trabbis would handle the roads much better with it's transverse leaf spring suspension! I asked her to pronounce Zwickau for me. But I could never get the hang of it after we repeated it back and fourth about 15 tims. She said seeing a Trabbi made her day!

    I don't know if these photos made it or not. I uploaded them from work and Photobucket only works certain times of the day due to my company's filters so if they didn't make it let me know and I will try again.


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