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    Justin, I have a book entitled: "The Trabant: Duraplast in Pastel Colors" I bought some years ago. Apparantly it's been out of print for awhile so would it be OK to scan and post some photos of it here? I don't want to get you in trouble with anybody. I wanted to ask before I went to the trouble of scanning them. My flatbed scanner is 10 years old and rather slow.

    The guy that wrote it was a PR guy for VEB Sachenring and some of these photos were from his personal collection and may not be on the internet or were ever released to the public. One of them is of a Soviet soldier in uniform with a spot welder building a Trabant!


    I mean just because it's out of print doesn't mean it's copyright is void. But most reference material from cars that haven't been built in years (like factory shop manuals for example) are put up on the internet all the time and the companies that built them don't seem to care.

    On the other hand, if something is on the internet, that makes it public domain right? ;)

    You know like MP3s? I told a guy I work with who says downloading MP3s is stealing just like walking out of a record store with a CD under your arm. I told him, "How can you steal something that is free?"
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    I honestly think we will be OK, worst case scenario, we get something that tells us to take it down. I can also put move it to the members only section to keep it a little more privatized and you have to be a registered and logged in member to see it. I would say go ahead. I also don't think that I would get in trouble, or you for that matter.....It's a public forum and people can post whatever they want. My vote is that if it's something useful and will help the community, then I'm all for it.

    I have manuals posted and things like that and they would fall under the same rules and regulations. So I say go for it and I'm excited to see it :)
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    Just wanted to make sure. Dad got in trouble with Getty images because the guy who wrote his webspage used a photo off Getty's website of a construction worker and replaced the man's head with the head of a German Shepherd. Somehow Getty Images's webcrawlers found the image. Sent Dad a photo of the both the original and altered image and demanded $80 for using their image. Not just told him to take the photo off his website.

    Dad ask me what to do and I told him to tell them to suck a nut. What are they going to do, send a lawyer down from Seattle to Tennessee over a photo?

    Although his website was a business website. This is a non profit site for fun and information. I don't know if that makes a difference when it comes to copyrighted information.

    I didn't realize this book had so many photos in it. I may have to buy one of those wand scanners I saw at Best Buy the other day and do this at work when I have time.

    I may scan a few in the menatime with my old flatbed.
  4. Justin

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    I do think we'll be OK, and if someone says something to me, I will advise them what you advised your father ;) Plus we'll move it to a more protected section just in case :)
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    OK check out what I have uploaded so far.
  6. Justin

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    I just did! I like it.....I have an industrial scanner at work, but I don't think they'd approve me doing that, otherwise I would offer to take that on.

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