1. trabant601

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    Central Indiana June Trabanttreffen 2019
    Central Indiana Vintage Vehicles Fathers’ Day 2019 Car Show Forest Park - Noblesville, IN Sunday, June 16th, 9AM - 3PM
    I have contacted the organizer and asked about a contingent of Trabants participating. They said, "Welcome!" I propose an attempt to attract many Trabants from Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Michigan, and beyond. I will attempt bringing two Trabants. There are no restrictions for imports, as a matter of fact, there is a large VW club that takes over a corner of this show. I have never been there but am willing to give it a try.
    Here is the link to a PDF from last years show... http://civv.club/uploads/3/5/8/6/35861187/civv_car_show_flyer_2018..pdf
    If you know someone with a Trabant who is not in the forum, let them know.
    You may message me in here if you have some questions.
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  2. BillB

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    Fantastic idea and very central location for a significant amount of people.
    I've been thinking that a Trabitreffen was just the thing we need, thank you for finding an excellent venue.
    Praying that this does not interfere with the June Sprints as I would very much prefer to hang with Trabant folks.
    Will try to pass the word.
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  3. trabant601

    trabant601 Loyal Comrade

    Thanks Bill, I have a buddy from Germany coming and he will drive one of mine. He built me an engine that is to arrive any day now. It has been in the USA since March 7.
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