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    Having just gone through the process of trying to find compatible 6volt centre brake lights for my Trabi (requirement in NZ for all new registrations after 1990) I thought I would share what I found in case they either want to improve safety or because of a law requirement or whatever.

    If you Trabi is 12v then you have a lot more options, and you can probably just pick up pretty much whatever you want from an auto store, the products I list below are available in 6volt and 12volt options.

    The first option you could do is pick up a standard 12volt bulb centre stop light (not the led type) and replace it with a 6volt bulb of the same size, i had a look at doing this, but the price of the 12volt stop light on its own was $60 plus I would have to find a 6volt bulb that would fit... and it kinda looks like ass..

    You could depending on your local laws use the fog light as brake light instead of as a fog light... but its not an option that I can do.

    I did find three products from the US that had 6volt centre stop lights.. most are designed for old model T's but are suitable for using in a trabant.

    1. http://thirdbrakelight.blogspot.com/
    2. http://jandlenterprise.com/products/brakelighter.htm
    3. http://www.brakeflasher.com/brake.htm

    I just purchased one from the thirdbrakelight.blogspot.com, they are very thin, so hopefully when it is off, it will be close to invisible, and they had a good review over on thesamba.com (vw forum)
    From the samba forums with the thirdbrakelight.blogspot.com product installed.

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