1. Trabbi75

    Trabbi75 Newbie

    Has anybody done any upgrades to their Trabbi motor, or know of anyone who has? Not necessarily full race modifications, but just something to get a few more ponies out of the stock 26hp unit. Do they respond to simple mods like exhaust or intake upgrades or do they require bit more finessing?

  2. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

    I've heard of removing the head gasket to increase compression, and tuned pipes seem popular.
  3. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    You could switch to an electronic ignition. It may nod add HP, but it can make sure the motor stays set a little easier without frequent adjustments. Obviously the engine getting out of tune would cause it to not perform as well.

    Also, I know one of the carbs (I believe the earlier one) had "Better" performance, where as the later one was more "Efficient" so that is something to look at too.

    I'm sure Keri would probably have some good ideas if you want to increase power, she's incredibly knowledgeable.
  4. Trabbi75

    Trabbi75 Newbie

    The ignition would be the first thing I'd do, if not for added hp just to make sure the spark is where it should be. Then I'd probably add some kind of tuned exhaust. I'd not monkey with the carb unless it was due for a change or a rebuild. I'd probably add a K&N type filter also. I've had a lot of experience with different car engines, from buzzy fours to thunderous V8's. I've just never monkeyed with two-strokes before, so just curious if those basic tricks would still work in this application.

    I guess the first thing to do, though, is acquire one in the first place! LOL

  5. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    There is that one for sale in Louisiana :)
  6. Keri

    Keri Leader

    OK, so you have way too much money and want to burn some of it off.
    Why not waste it ruining a perfectly good Trabi motor?

    Things you could do:
    Tuned exhaust system, particularly the expansion chamber
    Computerized spark control with programmable advance curves
    Iridium sparkplugs
    Larger Mikuni carburetor
    Modified cylinder heads to increase compression
    Modified cylinder ports and rotary valve ports
    Stronger clutch

    All guaranteed to allow you to go faster at the cost of:
    Low-speed drivability / starting (porting the motor does this)
    Increased wear
    Higher chance of breakdown
    Speeding tickets
    and my personal favorite...
    Higher probability of death
  7. Trabbi75

    Trabbi75 Newbie

    Thanks a bunch, Keri! LOL

    First off, I don't have tons of money to throw away...so any super-serious stuff would most definitely be out!

    I'm not so much interested in rally cross, or any kind of racing. In my case, it would just be for a little bit of extra oomph to keep up with traffic. Especially on the highway. I've seen vids of people getting 110-112 km/h out of theirs (including yours, IIRC), but running essentially at the top end. I'd like to try to get one to cruise at 100-110, with a top end of 125-130 km/h.

    Also keep in mind, I'd not be trying this on an engine with an untold amount of k's on it. I'd try to go the route of a freshened up base before going to a ton of mods. If just opening up the air intake and exhaust, plus an ignition upgrade, would get a bit more speed out of it without affecting the drivability/reliability too much, that's probably the route I'd go.

    As stated before, though, getting one is the first hurdle. And who knows? After driving a stock one I may be pleasantly surprised! I've just never been one for leaving a car stock for long, generally.

  8. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Trabbi75 I think you will be pleasantly surprised.... Mine tops out at over 120KM, I've had the needle pushed past that a couple times. I cruise comfortable with mine at 100-110 all the time. The car sits well at that speed, after that you are pushing it a little harder but as long as you don't push it to top end all of the time, it's fine. These cars like to be driven and are pretty resilient. If someone out there is topping out at 110-112. something is seriously wrong with the car.
  9. Keri

    Keri Leader

    I wouldn't say 110km/h is seriously wrong…. The rated top speed is only 100km/h.
    Comrade Trabi, featuring an unmodified motor that was pitilessly slapped together with extremely used parts (by me), has been known to get past 120km/h.
    20% over the design speed (120) is pretty common if the motor is in good condition and state of tune.

    Seriously wrong gets you to top out at 80km/h
    Really seriously wrong, like running on one cylinder, maybe 6o km/h.

    My advice, if you want to do just a few things after having the motor in good repair…

    The "free" stuff…
    Tires inflated correctly.
    No extra weight… clean out that trunk!
    Thin oil (like ATF) in the gearbox
    Fresh, quality fuel with quality oil formulated for use in Air-Cooled 2-cycle motors.
    Wheel alignment with toe-in set to near zero
    Exhaust system not clogged up with residue.

    Stuff that costs extra…

    The computerized electronic ignition with pre-programmed advance curves.
    This system requires the car to be EBZA-equipped.

    A real expansion chamber instead of the heat exchanger. You would probably lose some heating ability by doing this.
    There is a good chance that the carburetor will need re-jetting with a major change in the exhaust system.
  10. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    I'm thinking about adding an expansion chamber from a dirt bike to mine. Another possibility was adding a "boost bottle" but Keri says there is no advantage on this type of 2 stroke engine . This only works on engines without reed valves which Trabbi engines have already.

    I was told you can safely shave off 1mm off the heads to increase the C/R but was also told this can damage the piston skirts. 2mm is the max but you run the risk if the spark plugs hitting the heads at high RPMs.
  11. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    My friend was going to shave 1 mm off my heads for me. He was make a adapter to mount the head in a lathe, but the spark plug hole is wonky. It's not just a case of skimming 1mm off the face of the head, you need to keep the squish band the right size or you les power not more.
  12. Austinpowers

    Austinpowers Loyal Comrade

    My friend and I may have found a way to mount the heads in his lathe. So the head skimming will hopefully still happen.;)

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