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    Wow. Next to a national park, and in full view of his neighbors, who are close by, he lets 40 or 50 cars rot in a field. I don't understand what he was thinking. Buy the cars to let them rust away? If you're going to have that many cars, take care of them, keep them out of the elements, and be considerate of your neighbors. They have mortgages to pay off and would like to sell their properties for at least what they paid into them.
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    If you go onto Google Earth overhead at Middleton-by-Youlgreave you can see about six cars inside the garden and none in the larger plot where he used to keep the majority. That imagery is dated 2011, and when I went last year I think there were less than that. I'm going to revisit him soon before I move house to the North East of England. Maybe I can pick up some spares.
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