JASONCHAD Trabi Meister Forum Donor

    I guess this would go under the controversial topics...This forum is turning into more of a time suck than Facebook (never been much of a Facebooker). If I didn't work for myself...I would fire me.
  2. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    JASONCHAD, if it makes you feel better, no matter how much time you spend on here, think about how much time I have to be on here to keep it all going. I work full time for a Medical device company so I don't even get the privilege of working for myself, but I get my work done and as long as I do that I don't think they mind much. :)

    That being said, I take your comment as a big compliment.
  3. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    JASONCHAD, maybe we should put your time to use in converting people from the YahooGroups to here......One of these days I mean to go through all the files on there that are useful and put them here too for easier reference.
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  4. trabant601

    trabant601 Loyal Comrade

    I'm a believer now. Not sure if anyone saved them in any useful format. I did some and will transfer more data when I get a chance.
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  5. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    trabant601, that's why I promoted it to the point I felt like I was beating a dead horse. Nicest part about the forums are the archiving of topics and information AND less email clutter because you only get emails on topics you want to get emails on :)

    I don't know what all you mean when you refer to transferring data over, but I know you always have good stuff, so that makes me excited.
  6. Matteo

    Matteo Premium Member Forum Donor

    With great pleasure I daily spend a lot of time reading this forum , but now I am a self employee ( years ago I used to be a professional car mechanic in a Citroen main dealer). I have a shop for windows, doors, shutters, etc. etc. and when I am not out installing windows, I mainly spend the time in my shop in front of the PC :)
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  7. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Spend as much time on here as you want :)
  8. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Recruit others ;)
  9. frogbros

    frogbros Von Trabi Forum Donor

    I as well find myself just spending hours here......I love the forum. Great job Justin!
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  10. vdubbin

    vdubbin Loyal Comrade

    On the whole Yahoo groups thing, I don't see the point of it in this social media, web 2.0 world. If the sporadic email digests I get are any indicator, there really isn't much activity there at all anymore, but I would understand if it's a known reference point, a virtual hitching post on the Wild Wide Web for trabifans? Is there an exportable archive you can get?
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  11. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    I think some of what was archived on the Trabant yahoo groups has made it's way here. I don't have access to the yahoo group as an admin or moderator and TBH, I haven't really looked at recovering old emails. It would be something worth looking into though
  12. It's like when you join the forum you make 1,000 friends (roughly the server number of people)

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