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    So my neighbor up the street who does sandblasting is into all sorts of things. He has a C&C machine and as I've mentioned in the past, I've been exploring the idea of putting a snow mobile engine in my Trabant but of the same design and displacement but makes more HP.

    Such as the 580 cc Arctic Cat engine that is 2 cylinder, 2 stroke, air cooled but makes 60 BHP. Which looks almost identical to the Trabant engine if it were not for the two carburetors on the rear of the engine. I think this engine is either made by Rotax or Yamaha, I'm not sure. But he has the ability to make an adapter plate to go between the engine and transmission.

    Anyway here are two of his toys. This one is called a Cushman Truckster. It has two rubber drive belts for the tank tracks. It originally had a 2 cylinder Onan engine (kind of like what's in my Citroen 2CV) which was blown and he installed a V-twin Honda engine from something in it.

    He rebuilt this thing himself.



    Then he has an Ultra-Lite. Believe it or not, you don't need a pilot's licence to fly one of these things in the USA!


    Notice that the engine has 2 spark plugs per cylinder! My guess is it has a redundant/backup ignition system. That way if one fails it won't leave you "stranded"...

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    Aviation engines use two systems for safety as if it cuts out you can't coast to the side of the road!hes certainly got some different toys
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    Wonder if anyone has tried using a trabant engine in an aircraft . I know some small planes and auto-giros used vw beetle engines
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