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    There are some old posts about Dan Priban's trips across various continents in a Trabant. I didn't see anyone post where to get them. The official store only seems to only ship to Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Germany. I love an epic road trip so I sought out where to get these movies.

    The first trip was from Prague to Uzbekistan and back and has no English subtitles. It's is available on DVD from czeckmovie.com as are several others mentioned below.

    Czech Movie

    The second trip was down the continent of Africa and is available with English subtitles and narration and seems to be the most widely available. I haven't found it on DVD but Amazon Prime has it for rent or purchase. I don't subscribe to Amazon Prime and I don't think they allow you to download your purchases so I found it for download from Journeyman.

    Africa - Amazon Prime

    Africa - Journeyman

    This movie is only an hour long and while I enjoy it, I find it too short to cover the entirety of Africa with much depth.

    The third movie is through South America. The fourth movie is across Australia and up to Bangkok. Both are feature length and available with English subtitles (no English narration). I purchased these on DVD from czechmovie.com.

    Soth America - Czech Movie

    Australia - Czech Movie

    Both of these were also made into a series but were not subtitled in English. I feel like any of these trips would benefit from the extra time of a series and wish these got subtitled. The series are also available from czechmovie.com

    South America Series - Czech Movie

    Australia Series - Czech Movie

    He has successfully crowd funded the next trip through India. I don't know when that might be released but I hope there are subtitles. :)
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    Ordered three of them.
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