1. Ilija

    Ilija Newbie

    At what manefacturing year did tge trabant 601 s get the new dashboard, on older ones i saw they were 601 s with old dashboard?
  2. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    think theres at least 3 types of dashboard fitted to 601 . Really early cars had similar to P50 and then you had type with just wiper/light switces then late cars had hazard a nd fog (sorry don't know exact dates)
  3. ivanski

    ivanski Newbie

    It depends on the year of production,trim level and country of export. But there were 3 main versions all existing at the same time.
    The early ones were all metal and they were used on all trim levels untill the mid 70s, but they were also installed up until 1990 on the basic 601 Standart trim level - such cars were exported for example to Yugoslavia.
    In the mid 70s they launched the second version, that is metal + trim and a small apron for the spedometer, and this dashboard was cut out of production for all trim levels in the early 80s, but the Icelandic exported cars and only they had this dashboard untill the very last delivered cars in 1988.
    Then in 1982 they introduced the most commonly known dashboard with the big apron over the spedometer.

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