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    I have just cosmetically restored a nice looking barometer that I picked up in a local charity shop for £1- . I think it was meant for the export market as it says "Made in GDR" on the dial face . It works well and goes nicely in my hallway. DSCF3513.JPG DSCF3512.JPG
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    This is an awesome find. I have my eye on some DDR barometers but they are on walls in homes in former DDR. Thanks for sharing this, it is larger than I have ever seen one from GDR.
  3. turbofiat124

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    I notice it has a Farenheit scale on it. What other countries were using Farenheit during this era beside the United States? I'm sure these were not destined for the US market. I recall when I was in Britian around 2000, they would tell the temperature in Celcius then say, "That's ## degrees Farenheit" as if they were trying to ween people off the Farenheit scale or for folks still accustomed to using Farenheit.

    I've got a couple of old thermometers from the 1960s that do not even list a Celcius scale!
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    I found a French Barometer today for 4 bucks. It is attractive enough and reads correctly. I think that we are the last holdouts for metric use. I did a project with students a few years ago to try to get local media to use C next to F like international news does. No luck but some interesting responses. Some of my favorite barometers still have the mercury thermometer, a clear sign of their age.

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