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    Recently a combination of events made me think about a) Taking up Photography again AND b) Ditching ALL the Electronic Guff and going Totally old-school ie Mechanical Camera and Monochrome Film.
    Being on a limited Budget, the Stuff on Ebay (When I looked) was a) TOO Expensive and b) Lacking in Purely Mechanical DDR Cameras. So I Purchased a £10 Russian Zenit 11 with the standard Helios 44-M4 Lens.
    Shortly afterwards, I Purchased 2 DDR Lenses that fit. 1st a Pentacon f 2.8/135. Then a Meyer Optik Gorlitz f 2.8/ 100 "Orestor" early series "Zebra" style at a Total Cost of £42 Including New Skylight Filters.

    A bit of Research revealed that the "Orestor" is fairly rare, and I found prices ranging from £115 To £244-45 for a good one as above.
    Does Anyone know of a Reputable Price Guide for East German Photographic Gear And / Or Anything else that may be of use?

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    I've got one of those Olympus OE something or another 35 mm camera I used to use back in the day (1980s). This thing took great photos but not great "on the fly" shots since the aperture and focus had to be adjusted. Trouble is the shutter opens either 10% to 100%. So some of the photos are black on one side. What really pissed me off was I shot several rolls of film on our trip to Nova Scotia, Canada when I was 15 and after I had them developed most of the photos were ruined.

    I paid a camera shop to fix it but whatever they did to it, didn't fix the problem.

    About 15 years ago before digital photography took off, I tried to find someone to repair this camera because they were going for big bucks around the year 2000. I found someone who wanted about $100 to fix it but they couldn't guarantee their work. So I declined to have it fixed. So it still sits in my basement.
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    Shutter failiure Is serious, But (Assuming a Reputable Repairer who Would offer a Guarantee) it might have been worth repairing as the old Japanese Cameras have a Very Good Reputation & are Always Popular on the Second-hand Market.
    It is the Weird or Harder to find stuff that is of limited interest and harder to sell on. However, Now that we have E-bay it IS Easier to locate stuff BUT the Prices appear to have risen drastically for Cold War & DDR items - ALSO don't forget the cost of Postage/Packing!!

    If all else fails You Could convert the Olympus into a Clock Or Desk Lamp!! I have seen 2 of these on the net before & was Particularly Impressed with the Desk Lamp.

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