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    Quite right - In Theory
    However, when you live in a Screwed up state & have had your pension rights abolished by S*&T politicians who have just given themselves an 11% pay rise, while ensuring that You can't afford to retire and will end up working till you DIE - you think that at some time in the next 25- 40 years you might have to sell off some bits and pieces in order to eat. THAT is why I can't help wondering if some of the stuff I like is appreciating!
  2. Keri

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    The Race To The Bottom commences.
    Unfortunately for us, the Sadistic Fiends of Capital use this technique to drive down prices of everything, including our labor and any personal possessions we may acquire so as to fully exploit us and work us into the grave.

    I also feel its bite, my income being down 25-30% over the last 6 years with increased workload and large "real" inflation.
    My Union's Pension fund is now in the hands of an "Investment" firm where it will surely be stolen.
    This has provoked even me to action.
    Already a past Union organizer, I have become even more active in the struggle for worker's rights over the last few years.

    Sounds like some more sample statements are in order in addition to the classic mentioned above:

    Working People Of All Lands, Unite!
    Solidarity Forever!
    People and Nature Before Profit!
    The Whole World Is Watching!
    Tempus Fugit
    Let The Ruling Classes Tremble at a Communist Revolution
    and the immortal Capitalism Sucks!

    These and many more revolutionary slogans will soon be available in clock format from the indefatigable CP-USA.*
    Collect the whole set and support your local CP club.

    *- representing the Working Class since 1919.
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    I meant to reply on this topic awhile ago but have been too busy sorting out all the bugs on my Trabant! But since this topic keeps popping up and I started it...

    I gave up on collecting vintage Soviet watches.

    The last two watches arrived DOA. The seller of the first bad watch told me to wind it up and shake it!

    I sent the first one back to the guy and he "repaired it". He said it had a faulty stem. Well if it had a faulty stem why did he advertise it as a good working watch?

    It came back exactly in the condition it arrived the first time! Very hard to wind and I almost needed a pair of plyers to pull the stem out to set the time. I asked for my money back and he refunded it. He was like, "Maybe you are expecting a brand new watch?". No I replied, "I expect to receive a watch in good working condition if you say it is in the auction"...

    The last watch arrived DOA as well. I sent it back. So when it came back, I wound it up and it started working. Great!

    "D.A." me gave the guy positive feedback and then died the next day and hasn't worked since. So I am out almost $100. $85 for the watch.

    I don't know if these watches are getting damaged in shipment or there are just a lot of people selling POS watches. Thinking the buyer is not going to goto the trouble of filling out a customs form and mailing it back.

    Well I've decided it's too much trouble. On the other hand I suppose I could buy my watches from the same guys who sold me good working watches and stick with them.

    The Voctok I have on my wrist right now worked when I got it and still works and keeps good time.

    I would like to get my latest watch repaired since I paid about $80 for it. Anyone know where I can get a Soviet made watch repaired in the United States?
  4. Thinsid

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    RE: Watches not working as expected

    Someone has subsequently told me that some watch mechanisms are "self winding" and rely on the movement of the wearer to keep them going otherwise they stop after a couple of hours. Is this true and were any such mechanisms fitted to Communist Bloc watches?? (OR "Waving Maos")
  5. turbofiat124

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    These are not self winding watches. They just didn't work period.
  6. Thinsid

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    Thanks for that!
    The hunt for a proper watchmaker will resume in the New Year.
  7. trabant601

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    I wear a self winder, Vostok. You know the nice touristy KGB one. It is my main watch since the battery died on my Accutron Astronaut. I actually have a different faced KGB Vostok self winder too. It winds on stem well but won't self winding. Probably just need to clean it. I might need some help from a knowledgeable comrade.
  8. Thinsid

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    Will be happy to pass on any knowledge But this is an area I know nothing about. Also, judging your English I am certain that You are Not in the UK, so unless you factor in a large expense for postage & insurance I dont think you'll be using any watchmaker I might recommend.
  9. Keri

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    A Vostok Amfibian self-winder it a very tough watch.

    The auto winder is not meant to wind the watch from an unwound state but rather to keep it wound.
    Before getting it serviced, try winding it up and wearing it for several days to see if it remains running without further winding.
    Also, is it really an auto winder? The cheaper Kommandirskie does not auto wind. The Amphibian does. The watches might look similar, bu the case back is different.
    The auto winders have a deeper back to make room for the winder weight and mechanism. It will also say auto winding and Amfibian in Russian, автоподзавод, Амфибия on the case back.

    Any competent watchmaker can service a Vostok. If they sneer at your cheap Russian watch, run away.
    It is a very well made watch movement, tough as nails and easy to service.

    Another thing that throws people off is the wobble stem. This is not broken, but intentionally loose feeling.

    The likely rationale for such a sloppy-feeling winding crown:
    After winding the watch, it is necessary to screw down the crown another turn or two to seal the watch from water. If the watch is fully wound, this cannot be done. So, the crown disengages from the stem when pushed in, allowing the crown to be screwed down. Unfortunately, it feels broken when doing so.
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    This is Very helpful, Thanks!

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