1. DDR

    DDR Loyal Comrade

    I have just taken delivery of my first Trabi . I got it from a nice Hungarian chap who even delivered it for me . She starts well and has really good brakes . I have only selected gears on my drive but all seems to work for now. I can't help smiling from ear to ear ...I am smiling so much my face actually hurts ! My Neighbours said they want to put me in the nut-house !..It was fun watching them looking confused and asking "What is it?" "..Is it a LADA" :D....."is it a stretched mini" ..I left them guessing ...Then I told them ..Its a Trabant :eek::eek::eek::eek: They thought I was insane ...how right they are ... I don't do "Normal " :D DSCF3450.JPG DSCF3451.JPG DSCF3452.JPG
  2. BillyKnight

    BillyKnight Newbie

    Looks good, check the ash tray on the dash, mine had a spare set of keys in there!
    Well done, a very nice car.
  3. DDR

    DDR Loyal Comrade

    Hi Billy, No ashtray sadly :D I will look out for one off ebay.de. Spoke to the vendor Laszlo and he said he would bring me a new windscreen..we shall see..
  4. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    Sweet ride! I'm jealous. I hope one day to add a Kubel to my collection.

    You would think more people would know what a Trabant is on your side of the world. The only people who know what my car is are people from Germany, Eastern Europe, or Americans who have actually been to Germany or have lived there.
  5. DDR

    DDR Loyal Comrade

    Ok, So an update for you all... Had not started my Kombi for a few weeks and decided to try it. It would NOT start. Checked for spark , plugs were wet , all looked good ..then I took the little 'crap trap' off the fuel tap. This was the first time I had seen GREY petrol . tipped it out and the plastic cup was full of bits...I decided to strip the fuel system down and give it all a good clean out . This is the fuel that came with the car .

    So, no wonder the poor thing would not start. After removing the tank and swilling it about for a while several times over , the fuel ran clear with no bits . I cleaned the carb by running neat petrol through it . I measures out 115ml of 2-stroke oil and mixed it with 1 gallon (4.54l in U.K) of petrol . filled her up and away she went . engine sounds nice and sweet and hardly any smoke !.

    Another job to do was to fit new bushes to the steering column as the old ones were shot . Here are a few pictures of the new bushes and when they were fitted.
    DSCF3544.JPG DSCF3545.JPG
    I just stuck some Molybdenum grease on the plastic bushes to help make them last.
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  6. DDR

    DDR Loyal Comrade

    Just got my V5C registration document through the post. YIPPIE! , Just waiting for the tax disc to come through the post and then I can go on my maiden voyage in it. !!!
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  7. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Very nice! It looks like it's coming right along,
  8. DDR

    DDR Loyal Comrade

    Thanks Justin :) , I can't wait to get her on the road :D
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  9. DDR

    DDR Loyal Comrade

    Ok, Today I changed the gear oil , someone had put waaaay too much in, I got about 1 liter out of the level plug. altogether I got about 2 liters, far too much. New battery put on and 2 more gallons of fuel. 1 gallon simply did nothing ! on the plain AUS / 'A' or 'on' position it would not start, on reserve it would start but would take lots of wirring over. I have fitted my new RING headlamps for driving on the left . New licence/ registration plates put on and out for my first drive.
    I really enjoyed it. she pulls away really well and had a good smooth gearbox. I was not used to driving a left hand drive but it just came as second nature . I went past an area heavily populated by Polish/Hungarian east block migrants , I got lots of smiles and waves and one guy stood there in amazement . Drivers and passengers of other cars gawped in suspense. A driver with "PL" on his plates honked his horn and all the family smiled and waved at me as they drove alongside . I did notice people did not tailgate me ...probably due to the blue smokescreen I was leaving behind :rolleyes:.:D

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