1. Caleb

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    Hello All,

    The Forum was contacted through our facebook page about the Concourse D'Elegance in Des Moines, Iowa. They will be featuring a class this year that will specifically focus on "Cold War Cars". This could be a great place to show off your Trabi or other East Block auto. The class is specifically "Behind the Iron Curtain Class – Vehicles manufactured in Eastern Europe and Russia during the Soviet Union/Communist era". So this will be for any Soviet era cars not just Trabants. So any Lada, Barkas, Polski Fiat, Syrena, Wartburg, or any other owners could make a good show too. The application is located on their website along with more details. I encourage anyone interested to get in touch with them or apply.

    Des Moines Concours D'Elegance <-- Click Here for website

    Dates are Sept 7-8 2019. Full schedule is also on the website. The class chairman is Scott Slaughter. If you would like to contact him with any questions let me know and I can pm you his email.
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  2. Berlin89

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    There's a least one Trabi in Iowa :cool:
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  3. Caleb

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    I think its great that they are featuring an entire class dedicated to Eastern Block cars. Hopefully they have a good turn out.
  4. Wartburg353W

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    Just wonder how many East Bloc cars there are in North America that are concourse quality.
  5. BillB

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    All of them
  6. Caleb

    Caleb Loyal Comrade

    If I read their site correctly they are looking more for functioning, driver cars. Not museum queens. They expect to see flaws from regular usage.

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