1. Spherix

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    Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased a barnfind Barkas B1000 in quite a good shape! First thing for me to do is get the car MOT ready, which seems to only be a matter of getting the engine running (it turns fine, just old fluids), refurbishing the brakes (they're slightly stuck, but the Van rolls...) and patching up a few holes in the wheelarches and drivers footwell.

    I've called my local road authority agency since the chassis number only consits of 6 digits. Whilst they said that's not a problem, they couldn't find any recent history of the car being owned in Europe either. It's been off the road for at least 5 years, and has been owned by multiple German companies based on old stickers left on the bus. I was told to collect as much data on the car as I could find, so we can establish new plates and data. One of the things I was wondering about, is the year of the car. It has the external hinges for the side door instead of a slider, and if I'm correct that at least makes it pre 1987. Are there other ways to determine the year of the car?

    I'll post some pictures later, currently at work :)

  2. phi

    phi Loyal Comrade

    Just give me the VIN and I will check that for you ;-)
  3. mbeamish

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    Your van should also have an aluminium VIN plate riveted ,(somewhere in cab) look on it for baujahr (this means year of manufacture)
  4. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    Even if you find the plate my local DVA office would not accept this as proof of age . I had to get a 'dating' letter from owners club . I assume you will be dealing direct with Swansea as all the local offices have now closed . You might be lucky but i suspect you will have to obtain a dating letter if you want to avoid a Q plate
  5. Spherix

    Spherix Newbie

    Thanks for the replies everyone.

    What I meant was if there are distinctive features that would be helpful to identify a Barkas' build year.

    I've found quite a bit of info in the last few days, such as Sliding doors which were added in '87, dashboard types in '84 etc. I was wondering if anyone has a list of these changes that could help in this process.

    I live in The Netherlands by the way, importing it should be fairly easy as long as I have good guidelines to determine it's year. It still has the chassis.no stamped, which is fine according to our local DVA.

    For privacy reasons I am not posting my VIN here ;-)
  6. phi

    phi Loyal Comrade

    You find all information offline in the German book "Fahrzeuglexikon Framo/Barkas" written by Jürgen Lisse, pp. 188 ff. ISBN 978-3-937496-23-8

    A lot of Barkas cars got new body ("Ersatzkarosse") in the "VEB Karosserie-Instandsetzung Döbeln". That means they have "new" features like dashboard, bumpers or sliding door but (refurbished) old gearbox, driveshafts, clutch, engine and so on.
  7. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    Good Luck i live in UK i got a temporary Q plate registration at first , then once i had dating letter i got it changed to a normal reg. It didn't cost anything just paperwork' If your aluminium VIN plate is missing you can buy blank plates off german ebay and stamp them with your details, this is legal to do in UK ( the actual number stamped in the chassis is the important bit)
    www.barkas.de is great if you don't already know about it
  8. Spherix

    Spherix Newbie

    Yeah I've just found the german forum. Horrible layout, but tons of information. Where is the VIN plate normally located? I've found the chassisnumber near the coils, but couldn't find anything else so far.

    Here's a pic;
  9. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    Mine is on the floor as you open the front passenger door but no idea if this is normal,it has plastic door handles ,late bumper and mirrors i'm guessing mid eighties????

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