1. trabant601

    trabant601 Loyal Comrade

  2. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    Maybe a little of both?
  3. Evan_S

    Evan_S Newbie

    I'm planning to put a 50hp Wartburg 353 engine in my Trabant next month.

    You can find more info about this subject on heet://www.wabant.de/.
  4. paulymx

    paulymx Leader

    If you want to go absolutely crazy you could consider putting one of Hirth's modern two stroke engines. 100hp could make you fly!!
  5. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    That might be way too much power in that little car.
  6. John Keane

    John Keane Comrade

    those look like nice engines though...
  7. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    Here is what I would like to install. It's an Artic Cat 570cc engine from a snowmobile. Rated at 61 hp (with the Artic Cat exhaust system). I talked to a guy up the street who sandblasted my rims and he has a C&C machine and he said he could probably build me an adapter plate and modify the Trabant flywheel to fit the crankshaft. Luckily I have a spare engine and transmission I could bring him so there wouldn't be any downtime. The only real issue I see with this engine is the carbs are on the backside of the engine which may conflict with the transverse leaf spring or fuel tank but I won't know until I take some measurements.

    There is a guy on Ebay who sells used snowmobile engines and he said he would sell me one with the carbs and all for around $700+ shipping.

    I questioned the fact if the transmission would hold up to that amount of power and several people said the transmission could easily withstand 70 hp.

  8. trabant601

    trabant601 Loyal Comrade

    I have had rubberneckers looking under my hood say that they would put a snowmobile engine in one if they had a Trabant.
  9. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    These air cooled snowmobile engines look as if they were copied from the Trabant engine. I'm going to do more research and see if there are other smaller displacement engines that would work like a Rotex. Another one is a 340cc Yamaha engine. I'm not sure how much power it produces but based on the Trabant engines poor efficiency it has to be more.

    Here is one on Ebay:


    I don't live in the snowbelt so snowmobiles are uncommon here. I don't know anybody that actually owns one. Jet Skis are the thing around here but they are all water cooled and wouldn't make a good candidate.
  10. Wartburg353W

    Wartburg353W Loyal Comrade

    I know there are other issues, but for 700 dollars you could a LOT more motor than that.
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  11. Justin

    Justin Founder Moderator

    With modifications of course, could do a Rotary
  12. Bill Overbaugh

    Bill Overbaugh King Trabi Administrator Forum Donor

  13. trabant601

    trabant601 Loyal Comrade

    I am pretty sure that an experimental aircraft guy in Florida still has one NOS 601 motor ready to drop in.

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