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    I picked up a new project. It's a 1978 Trabant that has been horrifically modified. I was under the assumption that it was a Kübel, but the info plate says 601Z which I'm lead to believe means the Tramp. What I don't understand is why the car is (well, was) painted NVA green if it's the civilian Tramp version. It has green paint buried under the black respray and a green cloth top. (I've attached a picture of the fender where the paint has rubbed off exposing the green underneath) Because I'm American, I have very limited up close exposure with any form of Trabant, so any knowledge will be helpful. I don't even know the difference between the Tramp and the Kübel besides the name.

    While I'm here, I was curious how much these (whether it's a Tramp or a Kübel) are worth in the US in a much less modified form. I'm going to undo a lot of the modifications, but the end value could change how deep I go. For instance, I probably won't feel like gutting the homemade wiring if the resulting car is only worth $8000. Likewise, I probably won't feel like stripping and repainting the car to its original NVA green if it's not cost effective. That isn't to say I'm working on this car just for the profit. I'm doing it for the love of the car, but I have my limits.

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    Cool car. I was tempted to bid on it when it was on eBay, but couldn’t bring myself to do it because of all the modifications. I am like you, and would prefer the original green. I will definitely pull off the bumper on the front. I think Tramp and Kübel is the same thing. Keep us posted on the progress. I saw a Kübel sell once in the US for $10,000 but it was basically in mint condition.
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    Just speculating but is there any remnants of the gasoline heater? Like holes where the fuel tank was mounted or a hole in the diverter box where the exhaust heater tube goes into? I see a radio has been installed where the heater controls would have been mounted.

    I believe all the Kubel models all had gasoline heaters which were used to keep border guards warm while waiting to shoot people trying to jump the wall!

    Wasn't the Tramp a "last ditch" effort to sell the Trabant between 1989 and 1991 after the wall fell? I've got a book that tells the history of Trabants and seem to recall the Tramp was marketed just a few years before the end of production and never marketed as far back as 1978.

    By that time I think they stopped using gasoline heaters in all Trabants.
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    The info plate is not original. It's not even in grammatical German. Does the car have the gas heater by the fuel tank, and the port for it under the dash inside the passenger compartment, down close to the floor?
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    Sorry About Earlier Dodgy Edit!!
    Looking at Picture of the Front Wing, I'm Not convinced That Green is "NVA Military Green" But it IS Better than it's Current colour. Lose the Awful Front Bumper & Either go for Proper Kubel Steel Tube type OR regular Square Section item. Radiator Grille IS Tramp's NOT Military Type - NOTE Kubel Was Built for the Military & WILL Have Various differences to the Tramp which was Civilian Market Look-alike & NOT the Same Thing.
    This Specimen Appears Badly Modified & Needs an Expert assessment as to wether It's A Tramp Or Kubel, once You've identified Which it IS then You can decide How to restore it Appropriately!!
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    For anyone not already subscribed.

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