1. mati0921

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    ...to trust a crapitalist useless watercooled shitbox, like a fiat punto.
    This morning the temp. warning came on on the way to work, just before a tunnel where there was no where to pull over, so i pressed on through the tunnel, and on the other side a bad ticking from the engine.
    I thought screw it and kept going th last kilometer to work. a few hundred meters from the gate it died out.
    Walked the rest of the way and called towing service to take it home.

    i got a lift home to see what was going on with the poor thing. Coolant was gone, so i filled it with water and cranked the engine, just to pump the water right out the same way it got in. :)

    The Trabi now has to drive throug the winter unless i find something else to drive... :D
  2. turbofiat124

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    How ironic, Fiats and Trabants!

    I've been putting off reinstalling the exhaust cambox on my Fiat 124 Spider for about 7 months, spending my spare time working on my Trabant instead. I pulled the car out of storage back in April only to discover it had developed a nasty oil leak toward the back of the engine. I think it was from where the gasket dressing the guy used on the cambox gasket had hardened and cracked. My guess.

    Now that I know the transmission has to come out of my Trabant, I decided to finally wrap up this Fiat project first to get it out of the way. Only took me about 2 hours to put everything back together except for the radiator fan and upper hoses. I ran out of time so I did not get to start the engine so I lack, topping off the coolant (purging the air out), adjusting the timing then go on a test drive to make sure the oil leak was the cambox gasket and not the cylinder head gasket. Then come back, change the oil and adjust the valve clearances.

    So I guess if the freewheel device did not crap out, my Spider would still be sitting there in pieces...

    So I take it the headgasket is shot on your Punto? I know a guy who used some of this in a Ford pickup and said it really worked. You take the thermostat out, fill the engine with water and this stuff, put the radiator cap back on and let it sit there and idle for about an hour. He said steam was coming out the exhaust and after about 15 minutes it stopped and the engine started running normal!

  3. mati0921

    mati0921 Loyal Comrade

    When i crank the engine it blows more air out through the radiator cab than the exhaust, so i think you will need an elefant poop to plug that hole... :D
  4. Keri

    Keri Leader

    That "block sealer" junk is a great thing to recommend to your enemies!
    That gunk is a great way to clog your heater core and radiator while not correcting the serious engine damage, while sometimes worsening it.
    It does excel at giving competent auto mechanics much more highly-paid major work to do. Yes, I know this first-hand.

    For your Fiat, the prognosis is pretty grim.
    You likely have a warped head, stretched head bolts and a blown head gasket, a heat-destryed thermostat, possible melted sensors and maybe even severely scored pistons and bores.
    This is in addition to whatever caused the original overheating.
  5. mati0921

    mati0921 Loyal Comrade

    Scrapguy hauled the punto away today, and gave me 300 $ for it, so i spend 700$ on this huge thing instead:
    [​IMG]2014-12-03 13.09.31 by mati0921, on Flickr
    Needs new brakes all over, a few rust holes, and some other bits here and there. Drove it 300 km home without a single problem.
    Considered it's a 24 year old crapitalist box, it does pretty good so far. :D
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  6. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    Well I wouldn't use this stuff unless I had plans on trading it in. Or if it was a POS and it got me through until something else major failed then I'd haul it off for scrap metal.

    I did sell a guy a Fiat Spider with a blown headgasket I had "repaired" using radiator stop leak. But it was not like I was trying to rip the guy off.

    I told the guy the headgasket was leaking oil really bad and would eventually blow sooner or later. But all he was concerned about was if the car had rust. He was like, "I live in Toronto, where everything is rusted out, I can fix a headgasket in a day but rust is harder and more time consuming to repair". OK well then...

    I assumed he has going to trailer the car 750 miles back to Canada. No he decided he is going to drive it home on a dodgy headgasket! So a couple of days before he was to pick the car up, it started leaking antifreeze. Now it's just a matter of about 100 miles before it blows.

    I put some radiator stop leak in it and let the car idle for an hour. Eventually it sealed the leak and he said he made it back to Canada with no problems!
  7. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    Going from a Fiat to an Audi is like jumping out of the frying pan into the oven!:p
  8. mati0921

    mati0921 Loyal Comrade

    I am starting to like this thing. :D
    It handles quite well considering the roll bar on front was so worn it had fallen off. It does'nt want to kill you in the roundabouts like the fiat did. Dont go to fast in that thing and the rear end is gone. :)
    Just seems a lot better built, and is in better shape considering the 24 years and 437000 km. :) Someone took care of it, but age is gaining in on it. :)
  9. vdubbin

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  10. mati0921

    mati0921 Loyal Comrade

    Yep, and seems like it would'nt care about doing it again. :D
  11. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    Wow 262K miles. That's high mileage by US standards.

    I knew a local Saab mechanic who had a "Saab farm". A couple of hundred, mostly 92s, 95s, 99s and 900s. He had this one car on his property, a 1979 99 turbo. He claimed it had 800,000+ miles (1,280,000 KM) on it. I did not check the oddometer but I have no reason to doubt him. It's not uncommon for cross country truck drivers to have 3 to 4 times that on their trucks but I can't imagine someone putting that many miles on a car.

    He said it belonged to a women who drove it back and fourth between Tennessee and California mulitple times.

    He said he serviced the car for her. He claimed he replaced the headgasket about halfway but it still had the original rings. By this time the engine was loosing compression and it had very little power. She gave it to him when she bought a new Saab. Like most of the cars he had collected from previous owners. I think the town finally ordered him to clean up his property or face fines. He owned several a several hundred acre farm and had them scattered all over the place.
  12. mati0921

    mati0921 Loyal Comrade

    Failed MOT today, with quite a list. :(
    too much CO in exhaust. (oil, oilfilter, airfilter and some intake cleaner should do the trick.)
    headlights out of adjustment
    loose battery
    leaking brakeline to the rearwheel.
    rotten brakeline too the frontwheel
    A front tire worn on the inside. (Need winter tires anyway)
    front suspension upper bearing.

    I will get some parts tomorrow, and spend a few mare evenings to get it right. :)
    Luckily no more rust. Hate that stuff.
    Need to get it up and running soon, or i will have to find a new set of bumpers to the trabi. the salt is eating them away a bit too fast...
  13. Matteo

    Matteo Premium Member Forum Donor

    Why don't just drive your Trabi all the winter time? I do this. I purchased 4 new old fashion winter tyres off TrabantWelt for this.
    I am sure Trabi will suffer less rust corrosion than any aged FIAT :p
  14. mati0921

    mati0921 Loyal Comrade

    It sure will, but the chrome bumpers cant take it... I have considered a winter trabi as well, but there is almost none for sale here other that some that have sat in a field for 10 years, which i dont have tho possibility to restore, and there is a few restored ones, but they are way out of my price range. The audi owes me 1100 dollars so far, and i need a few more spares to pass MOT, so it will still be a cheap car. :)
    It will always be worth 300 dollars as scrap, so if it will just last two years (till next MOT) it will be fine. :)
  15. mati0921

    mati0921 Loyal Comrade

    How many cars is it possible to wreck in a month?
    One of our vans (a Nissan something) Had a bad bearing noise for about half a year. boss told us to drive until it explodes which it did today. :D
    130 km/h on the highway and the bearing noise turned into a bad rattle noise. pulled over and looked under the car. it was not leaking. The other mechanic i had as passenger told me to try to see if it would go anywhere. It moved, but sounded horribly in first and second gear. 3 and 4 were fine. 5 and 6 were just a bad rattle, and no power to the wheels. reverse was all gone.

    Took the 30 km back to the workshop bu getting it moving carefully in first, then into 3 and 4. It made it home, but 4 gear started to make the bearing noise aswell. :D
  16. mati0921

    mati0921 Loyal Comrade

    The Audi passed inspection today, so now the trabi dont have to drive around in the salt anymore. :)

    Just need to get the front wheels aligned and replaced the valve in a front tire. dont want to pump it everyday. :D

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