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  1. Nick

    Nick Newbie

    To fix my leaky brakes I am looking for a brake drum puller, even to rent if necessary secured with a deposit.
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  2. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    What year only pre 1984 cars need a special puller. Later cars with splined shafts don't need one
  3. Nick

    Nick Newbie

    Mine is an 88, but since it was for Hungary it still needs a puller.
  4. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    An 88 doesn't need a hub puller ,check the size of the hub nut 36mm needs a special puller 32mm does not
  5. Nick

    Nick Newbie

    This a 36
  6. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

    Apologies if it's a 36mm it has early hubs and you do indeed need the factory puller . The type that clamp int the ring around the hub are best and sell for around 30 euros on german ebay
  7. Nick

    Nick Newbie

    Okay great tips!
  8. mbeamish

    mbeamish Loyal Comrade

  9. Nick

    Nick Newbie

    Thank you. I asked the seller if he would ship to USA. Fingers crossed.
  10. Bill

    Bill Smoking Along

    I will check and see what factory tools I still have. I may have a spare.
  11. Nick

    Nick Newbie

    Okay great
  12. turbofiat124

    turbofiat124 Premium Member Forum Donor

    I've got an early style drum and hub puller and 36 mm socket if you need to borrow it. I was told by someone not to use the drum puller. That it can bend the drum.

    I've never used it but have used the hub puller several times.

    I was told It's best to pull the hub and drum off together. Then if the drum needs to be replaced knock it off the hub while off the car.

    There is a Flathead locking screw that holds the drum to the hub that can seize so it may need to be drill out and the whole thing heated up with a propane torch. Whoever told me this may not have seen this screw and that's what caused the drum to bend.

    PM me directly. BTW, I live in TN so if you don't send it back I'm not too far to come up there and get it back!:D
  13. Tim S

    Tim S Just Slow, Not Stalin Forum Donor

    Not that it will help you now but I am planning on a few sets of these in the near future. I have already modeled it up in cad and will be machining out of heat-treatable steel. May offer them here or eBay.

    The way I procrastinate it may take awhile. I am going to do a post on my recent trip to Germany, specifically the East, but then I realized I took the trip in Nov. of 2017 and still haven't posted anything yet! :) See what I mean!
  14. Zausel

    Zausel Genosse Forum Donor

    Yup, a universal hub puller will bend the hub. The hub puller for Trabant is worth every Pfennig.
  15. frogbros

    frogbros Von Trabi Forum Donor

    Nick, I just lent mine out to Rob in Michigan. When I get it back I can ship to you.


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